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Surfer Guy and I are a little late to the Oscar party. We saw a couple of Oscar nominated movies over Christmas (The King’s Speech and The Social Network) but missed others. We’re trying to catch up on some that looked intriguing to us and on Sunday we watched Toy Story 3. (OT, how much I love the Amazon movie d/load service. We have a computer hooked up to our big screen TV and in moments are watching!)

I confess I’m not drawn to animated-type films, though I’ve watched a lot of them over the years as a mom. I remember enjoying the original Toy Story, but can’t recall if I saw the second. However, the third installment is delightful! I cried buckets at the end. In this movie, for those who don’t know, Andy is getting ready to go off to college and his beloved toys are uncertain of their future. An unexpected adventure ensues when they are mistakenly taken to a daycare. It was so clever and I loved seeing all the old toys that the daycare kids play with (especially the old Fisher Price rolling phone–I remember babysitting kids with one of those).

My sons saw the movie when it first came out, but after we watched it, Surfer Guy and I asked them which of their toys they wanted to make sure we never threw away. I thought they might shrug the whole idea off, but they were both adamant about not wanting to let go of =any= of them. Of course I immediately thought (with guilt) of all the toys we’ve already passed on. We have some precious stuffed animals, though, their favorite picture books, and pounds and pounds of Legos. Clearly, those are staying.

From my own past, I’m thinking of favorite toys. My mom has a lot of my dolls and doll clothes still, which did not get used again since I only have boys. Maybe granddaughters will enjoy them some day. I know my mom gave away this adorable doll bunkbed that I still think about with pain.

What about you? What toys did you keep or will you keep for your children? Any special books? (We didn’t buy a lot of books when I was a kid but I have Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott that I bought at a library sale as a child that are precious to me and I think were one of my first tastes of romance.)

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10 Responses to Toys & Boys

  1. michele says:

    Cried buckets during Toy Story 3, too. For a parent with a child recently gone to college, man, how that touched me.

    I still have my Velvet and Baby Tender Love dolls! I think I have my Cher Barbie somewhere around here too. And I have the kids’ Legos mostly because you spend so darn much on those little bricks who can toss them?

  2. christieridgway says:

    Michele: I can’t begin to imagine how much we’ve spent on Legos. But they will last forever! (Same with the bruises on the bottom of my feet after stepping on them.) I need to get my dolls from my mom. I’ll have to store them somewhere myself, but I’d love to see them again. Every Christmas I got a new doll and my mom sewed clothes for them. Hope they have held up well.

  3. I’m sure everyone’s sick of hearing about my doll fetish. I don’t have any of my own left, so when I discovered E-Bay I went through a period (obsession) of buying old dolls. I have most most of the dolls that I either played with or wished for but never got. I imagine the girls who played with them and loved them so much that they kept them in such good condition. As a military brat I moved around a lot growing up, and you could only take so much with you, so lots of stuff was given away. Maybe some of my dolls ended up in someone else’s collection.

    I’ve kept some of our kids’ toys, but they weren’t terribly sentimental about them. The boys see what the original Star Wars toys and Transformers are worth now, and they wish they had been more careful with them. They love sharing their favorite books with their kids, whether they’re originals or replacements. For my part, I tell stories. “Your daddy used to have a Fisher Price record player just like the one in that picture, and you know what he used to do?” A week or a month later, you hear, “Nana, tell me the story about the record player again.”

  4. Helen Brenna says:

    OMG, Christie, I can’t get rid of anything. I have so many toys stored away for my kids it’s pathetic. Same for books. And their school papers. My daughter’s dance costumes. And on, and on … I think it’s because I didn’t, or my mom didn’t, save anything from my childhood. Then again, with 8 kids in the fam, it’s entirely possible nothing was worth saving by the time I got done with it! lol

    Toy Story 3 was incredibly funny. Ken, banter was hilarious. And Buzz’s reset switch getting flipped. Funny, funny stuff. I, too, balled my eyes out at the end.

  5. kylie brant says:

    Loved Toy Story 3. We watched it with the whole family on Christmas. I have an entire set of Louisa May Alcott books I saved, in addition to my Barbie furniture, a doll sized high chair and cradle. My only daughter was not into dolls, so they are still in the attic. Oh and my rocker. One of my grandsons has that!

  6. christieridgway says:

    Oh, wasn’t Ken hilarious! And Surfer Guy and I had just watched one of the entertainment shows (can’t remember which) and the female anchor looked =just= like Barbie. Helen, it might be because I have those boys that I am not that into hanging onto their toys…none of them appealed to me the way a doll or doll stuff would.

    My in-laws put some toys at their second house in the grandkids’ playroom that had been my husband’s. I took one home with me (a Fisher Price wooden circus train car with animals inside) because they were trashing it (they were little and playing with it just fine, but I loved the toy and didn’t want to see it ruined). But it is hard to get too sentimental about all the hard plastic stuff they have. Think about all those matchstick cars, too. Lordy.

  7. april says:

    LOVED Toy Story 3. I totally cried, but I cried during the second installment. I actually cried when Andy’s room was packed up. My daughter’s been watching Toy Story 3 daily (in 10 minute bursts) on my iPod.

    As for toys, I have a blue bunny stuffed animal that went to college with me and now my daughter sleeps with him. I have a few books from childhood – Where the Wild Things Are, The Wizard of Oz, and a few other obscure favorites. I’ll be curious to see which ones go the long haul with the kid. So far, she loves this cross-eyed pig she got when she was born and Minnie Mouse and a stuffed dog. Others fall in and out of favor too. She is a big fan of Eric Carle’s books. She knows all his titles and his name. We’ve gone through 3 copies of The Very Quiet Cricket. I have the original ratty one in her baby box.

  8. Betina says:

    What a great movie! Made me laugh and wince and cheer and sniffle. And, yes, think about the days gone by and the things my boys cherished. They LOVED the little GI Joe guys and the FisherPrice Adventure sets (heliocopters and speed boats and ambulances). And of course, LEGOs. I still have the LEGOs at my house, in their original carrying cases with the boys’ names on them. Lots of the books and the little “action” guys I gave to my eldest, to share with his own kiddos. Now I’m kindof wishing I had kept some of them at my house so I could share them with the grands when they visit.

    As it is, I’m stuck with a boxcar load of Beanie Babies that the grands aren’t all that thrilled with. sigh.

  9. Quilt Lady says:

    I still have my Barbie Dolls. My son did not want to part with any of his toys I think. We have an atic full of toys from power ranger to some of the first toy story toys. My so is twenty one and still don’t want to get rid of these things. I mention cleaning out the atic and he says but we can’t get rid of my toys.

  10. christieridgway says:

    I loved the Army men too. April, I just bought a friend’s one-year-old a fave board book of my kids, RED HAT, GREEN HAT by Sandra Boynton. Think they had it at the same time as the Eric Carle books.

    Quilt Lady: He’ll have all those toys to give to his own kids some day. ‘Course they’ll probably be classics and want you to store them for him forever! (That’s what happened with my mom. I didn’t take my dolls since I don’t have girls, so they are still in her attic waiting for another day…)

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