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Buying jeans!!

Everyone just groaned, right?  Right.

Honestly, I didn’t used to mind buying jeans all that much. I mean, it usually took me trying on twenty plus pairs of the darned things before I found even one I liked, but I’d still find the one. These days, though, no matter how many styles I try on, boot cut, wide leg, skinny leg, mom jeans, yada yada, I can’t find a single pair I like.

It might be the extra ten pounds I’ve been carrying around for too long, or that there are just too many styles from which to choose.  It might be that I’m short and the jeans seem to get longer and longer in length.  It might be that the most popular style these days is the skinny jean and I’m not feeling, let alone looking, very skinny.  It might be I’m sick of the low-slung style of waist.  Then again, it might be that I’ve just gotten so used to wearing my sweat pants all day while I’m working that comfort has become the name of the game.  Unfortunately, sweats just don’t work for that Friday night date.   So I need to go shopping for jeans.  The sooner, the better.

Any suggestions?  Have you found  a brand of jeans you swear by?  What do you think of the new skinny jean style?  The wide leg style?  Should I get a pair with a certain percentage of spandex for comfort?

While I finding pics for this article, I ran across this pic on the left of a PZI brand of jeans.  Supposed to be flattering for the curvy woman. That’s me.  A narrow waist considering the size of my big behind.  Anyone have any experience with these jeans?


And, just for kicks, how do you like this new style, the wedgie jean?



About Helen Brenna

Helen Brenna is the RITA award winning author of romances for Harlequin's Superromance line. Three more books in her popular Mirabelle Island series will be release in July, August and September of 2011. For more information, check out her website at www.helenbrenna.com.
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30 Responses to Every Woman’s Favorite Topic …

  1. Candace Schuler says:

    Try JAG jeans. They have just a bit of spandex, come in short, regular, and long, and (best of all) have big back pockets, so your butt looks smaller in contrast. And if you’ve got any hips at all–and I mean ANY hips–go for the boot cut ’cause it balances everything out and makes you look leaner.

  2. Deb says:

    Within the last 6 months I have found two brands that I like. 1) Gloria VB stretch jeans-Amanda style. They come in all sorts of colors, too, so I wear them for my job. I’ve got blue jeans, khaki, black, chocolate brown, olive green, and even purple. 2)Lee slimming stretch, comfort fit. I bought them at Kohl’s.

  3. cindy gerard says:

    I need new jeans too so I eagerly await all the suggestions that I know our wonderful followers will post.

    Where do you find the JAG jeans, Candace?

    And Deb, I’m heading for Kohl’s first chance I get! Thanks!

  4. Helen Brenna says:

    Hehehe, somehow I knew this topic would bring Candace out! Hi, Candace! I’m going to check JAG out. Cindy, I looked them up at they’re at least at Nordstrom, if not other retailers, but sell online too at Sonoma Outfitters. They won’t break the bank, either.

    Deb, I lurve Kohls. They always have such great deals, and getting jeans in different colors is really smart. I’m not much of a dress pants person, so I should follow your lead.

  5. lois greiman says:

    Yikes. Jeans. I avoid trying anything on. So much trouble. Especially in the winter. Skinny jeans?? Please! Skinny on who? There is about .02% of women who can pull that off. .03% who should even try. I’m with Candace, the wider the bottom of the jeans the better the bottom of the wearer looks.

  6. Terry Odell says:

    I found a few pair that fit reasonably well at Stein Mart while we still lived in Florida. That touch of stretch really helped. But I have a very long rise, and am rarely comfortable sitting for any length of time. Now that I’m in Colorado and have drastically changed my lifestyle — and started cooking more because it’s cold and I don’t mind heating the house–I find I should get a few pair in a larger size. But I haven’t dealt with the challenge since there’s so little shopping around here — almost 20 miles to the nearest WalMart, forget any ‘real’ stores. I’m living in my sweats.

    Terry’s Place
    Romance with a Twist–of Mystery

  7. Stephenia says:

    I like a bit of spandex. When I find a style that fits well, I buy two pair, they are sure to be replaced by a different style next season. Straight let jeans seem to compliment my shape better. I am tall/ample sized so it is Lane Bryant or The Avenue for me, my daughter finds the best jeans for her at the Gap. Wedgie jeans – ugh, no way!

  8. Helen Brenna says:

    Lois, dear, YOU can pull off the skinny jean look, the tall boot thing, and, no, I don’t hate you for it! lol

    Terry, you hit on a problem with jeans – they’re not the kind of thing you can buy online. I need to try them on. You may have to make a shopping trip!

  9. Angelique says:

    I used to have issues finding jeans that fit too because I’m pretty curvy (wide hips/thighs, but smaller waist) and I’m 5’5″ but shorter-legged. Finally, I discovered Gap’s 1969 Curvy style jeans in Ankle length (aka short). I’m in love with them and no longer own any other kind of jean. You can find them here: http://gap.us/gjkFHa

  10. Michele says:

    Weird timing with this post. I was just at Nordstrom Rack yesterday jumping up and down in the dressing room because FOR ONCE the jeans fit! They were Calvin Kleins ($13) and they fit my hips and the waist wasn’t too wide so if you bend down you don’t show the world your undies.
    And I agree with Deb. Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans rock! They have give and fit perfectly.
    Luck, Helen! Have you checked the jeans at the Rack?

  11. shopping for jeans is a version of my own personal h*ll.

    But the older I get, the more I love a little spandex in the weave!

  12. Helen Brenna says:

    Stephania – I need to do that, buy two! Smart move.

    Angelique – that’s exactly my problem. I’m going to try them on! I love this!

  13. Helen Brenna says:

    Michele, I get a headache when I go to the Rack – TOO many choices! Ack! I did spend some time there once and, oddly enough, found a pair of CK that fit well. Maybe I should stick with certain brands.

    Cyndi – I’m thinking spandex is my friend. It has to make the jeans more comfortable.

  14. debradixon says:

    Jeans? What are those? (g) Okay. I do have a pair of black ones and a pair of denim. Boot cut with more flare than usual. But they are just “serviceable.” I tend not to wear them much. I don’t feel great in them, but I can throw on a pair of jeans if I have to.

    The waists never hit the right spot no matter which waist rise I buy. Admittedly I am not the skinny fashion icon so my waist and drop-waist are alittle harder to fit.

    What I have done is embrace the L.L.Bean perfect pant. It’s the best casual pant ever. That tends to be my go to (in several cuts and styles).

  15. Kylie Brant says:

    If I could buy that body pictured with the jeans, there is NO price I wouldn’t pay 🙂 Ugh. I decided a while back I was not buying jeans again until I lose way. Needless to say it’s been awhile! But hopefully in a couple weeks I’ll be able to go jean shopping again. And then let the crying commence!

    The skinny jean actually works well for me because I have stick legs. But I am not a fan of the low riders. Muffin top anyone????

  16. Kylie Brant says:

    Someone mentioned Gap jeans…I don’t know the style of mine but that was the last pair bought and I do like them. They are meant to be low riders but I have no waist to speak of so they don’t hit me too low. I think I will try Gap first when I’m feeling brave enough to buy jeans again!

  17. susan wilson says:

    Shame on you Helen! No real woman has a stomach like those jean-wearing stick insects!! Her stomach is practically inverted!
    I’m now crawling off into my “fat girl” jeans to go and eat some chocolate…..

  18. Lois, I know 2 girls who look terrific in skinny jeans. Ages 6 and 8.

    Ah, jeans. I like the Gloria VB, too. I got them at Costco. Also like Christopher & Banks, which is a MN women’s store supposedly targeting Boomers. I say supposedly because when I went in before Christmas and found a Christmas sweater overload, I wondered how old the buyer was. Boomers do not wear Christmas sweaters. Later I read that they’d fired the head honcho. I’m sure in was because of that sweater buy.

  19. leannebanks says:

    NYDJ Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. LOVE them! I bought one at Nordstroms and they weren’t cheap, but they were on sale. Bought my next pair on ebay. I prefer bootcut unless I’m stuffing them in my NEW boots!:) xo, Leanne

  20. Good to know about those NYDJs. I keep walking past them, because I don’t want think of myself wearing “Mom” jeans! Have you seen those “pajama jeans” advertised? They look all comfy and great on the model but they probably pill and look like sweat pants IRL. I keep trying to talk someone into ordering them.

  21. Helen Brenna says:

    Deb, what’s good is you have a pair of go-to pants. Something every girl has to have!

  22. Helen Brenna says:

    Yeah, Kylie, I was doing the holdout thing, too, but it’s just been too long. It’s getting so bad that I have only 1 or 2 pair that fit me. I need me a pair of fat jeans, like Susan, so I can run off and eat chocolate!

    LOL, Susan! I know. Crazy!

  23. Helen Brenna says:

    Kathy, that’s so true about C & B. Not for the boomers I know, anyway!

  24. Helen Brenna says:

    Leanne, I’ve tried those NYDJ at the Rack and didn’t like them. I did like the spandex. They were really comfortable. Maybe I just didn’t have the right style. Will try them again.

    Don’t look at me, Christie. I’m not ordering any pajama jeans! lol

  25. Keri Ford says:

    Boot cut all the way for me. These hips were made for holding babies. I have never once found a pair of skinny jean legs that will contain the width of my hips (I want to wear boots over the demin! No such luck…).

    And also—I’m pretty sure that model in the 4th picture is related to Gumby.

  26. Helen Brenna says:

    Keri, I have massive calves, making the whole skinny jean thing problematic. Gumby … cute!

  27. KRISTEN says:


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