Would you rather…

Have you played the (fairly) new board game out now called Would You Rather?  I think they must have compiled all those nonsensical hypotheticals that dominate beer time.  You’re given a choice between two equally obnoxious situations and forced to decide between them.  Just for fun today, I’m going to let you take a swing at a few of them.

Would you rather…

–be forced to dress like Lady Gaga at her most outrageous for the rest of your life (see raw meat dress below), OR be forced to wear your grandmother’s clothes for the rest of your life?

–become invisible at random and uncontrollable times, OR have people hear your thoughts at inappropriate moments?

–have the power to temporarily rewind to favorite times of your life, OR fast forward through painful ones?

–have hair of dirty straw, OR a pig nose?

–have quadruplets, OR have four babies all ten months apart?

–live with a dozen ninety-year-olds in your house, OR with a dozen ostriches?

–jump into a bathtub of ice water, OR jump into a bathtub of lukewarm egg salad?

–be surfing 15 yards from shore and see a great white shark 30 yards away coming toward you, OR be snow shoeing down a hill from the lodge, and see a grizzly bear 30 yards away headed toward you?

–have steam blow out your ears every time you get angry, OR have a long tongue that rolls down to the floor every time you see someone very attractive?

–lose every single strand of hair all over your body, OR triple your hair count?

–be hideously ugly, OR unbelievably stupid?

–gradually lose your intelligence and memory, OR gradually lose your morals and integrity?

–write one brilliant novel at twenty, but never accomplish another thing, OR die before your body of work is discovered and universally acclaimed?

Do you want to tackle any of these just for fun?  Have any others thought- provoking choices for us?  Let’s hear yours!

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15 Responses to Would you rather…

  1. Leanne Banks says:

    Sheesh, Kylie! I can only answer two. 1.I would rather become invisible at random and uncontrollable moments. 2. I would rather have the power to temporarily rewind to favorite times in my life.

    Great blog!:)

  2. Kylie Brant says:

    Those are my favorites, too, Leanne 🙂 The one thing I DO NOT want is for someone to hear what I’m thinking, LOL. What trouble that would bring!

  3. lois greiman says:

    If I had any one of those being swallowed by a shark would be kind of a welcome experience. 🙂

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Lois, there was another that asked if you’d rather make the Guiness Book of World Records for survivor of the most shark attacks or for the most lightning strikes 🙂

  4. Helen Brenna says:

    LOL! omg, Kylie, those are hilarious! Why are they so hard to answer, though? I don’t get it. I didn’t even have to think about most of them. The only one that gave me trouble was the hair of dirty straw or a pig nose. Fun. I’m getting that game!

  5. michelehauf says:

    for some reason the ice water versus the egg salad is such a difficult choice, and yet…


  6. Kylie Brant says:

    Ok, tell us, Helen were you going for the Lady Gaga look or your grandma’s 🙂 I think I’d rather have the straw hair than the pig nose. At least I could wear a wig!

  7. Kylie Brant says:

    I know, Michelle…I do hate the cold. But wow, I would not want egg salad…everywhere!

  8. Funny stuff! I want some Lady Gaga outfits since I have plenty of Grandma stuff. I’d take the bear over the shark, and I already have the power to temporarily rewind to favorite times. And I’ll take ugly over stupid any day, especially with so many pretty people going on TV these days and saying things that give new meaning to the term no-brainer.

  9. Helen Brenna says:

    Grandma’s clothes, no questions. No one said anything about not being able to wear something else on top – just like the wig, Kylie!

    • Kylie Brant says:

      Kathleen, there’s always plastic surgery but there’s no cure for stupid! I don’t know…shark or bear? That one stumps me. What are the chances I could just throw it my picnic basket and run away?

      Helen, I was thinking lose the collar and bow, tighten the seams, shorten the sleeves…as long as I didn’t have grandma’s body I’d be ok!

  10. catslady says:

    The only one that came easily to me was I’d rather have a room full of ostriches hahaha.

  11. Kylie Brant says:

    Catslady, I’m with you! I hear they’re really stupid. Maybe I could turn the basement over to them. But the 90-year-olds? Reeeeeallly don’t want to go there!

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