I Don’t Want To Feel Bad About My Neck

But I do.

Much as we fiction writers would love to write it so, time doesn’t move in reverse, and our bodies do not get younger.  Sad but true facts we have to deal with daily.  I’m not one to stare in the mirror and bemoan the changes time chisels into my skin, but lately I’ve been feeling bad about my neck.

It doesn’t look like my usual neck. It’s…looser.  Not as smooth.  It wrinkles and sags every so slightly.  It does not possess the elastic resiliency of youth.  It disturbs me.

I’ve developed a nifty skill with scarves lately.  I’ve got one outfit and scarf combination I call the stewardess look.  Have you ever seen a stewardess without a jaunty scarf?  I think not.  I’m blaming this tragic need for scarves on weight loss.  Nothing wrong with that.  But I don’t think there’s hope for it unless I gain the weight back.  And that is so not going to happen.

Give me saggy elbows, a few age spots on my face (got ’em; don’t mind ’em), graying hair, and some bulges in places I have to disguise with bright colors and vertical strips, and I’m cool.  But my neck?  I don’t like it.  Not at all.  Creams, ointments and scarves are not going to make it any better, either.

Sigh…  Guess it’s better than chin hairs.  (I won’t even bring up plucking.)

We all have some things we can accept with ease, and others that may make us seriously consider the benefits of liposuction or a little ‘tuck’, or even strategic disguise with clothing.  What do you feel bad about?


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20 Responses to I Don’t Want To Feel Bad About My Neck

  1. Helen Brenna says:

    Oh, Michele, I’m so with you on this. fwiw, I’ve heard that skin will shrink after a weight loss, so give it time. You look great!

    I’ve read we don’t have as many oil glands in our necks, so keep slathering on the lotion even though it seems as though it’s not doing any good. It’ll make a diff in the long run.

    Have I shown you my facial exercises? lol

  2. cindy gerard says:

    Oh, Michele – you whipper snapper, you. The sagging has just begun, I fear.
    Remember when birthdays were something we looked forward to? I just had one … I looked forward to seeing my kids and grandkids but not the # of candles on the cake … or the extra chins I see in the mirror these days :o)

    • michelehauf says:

      Isn’t it weird how birthdays get SO less exciting? Extra chins, yuck. I have a scarf trick I can teach you! 🙂

  3. Terry Odell says:

    Mostly, I feel bad about … mirrors. I’m fine, but they keep putting this old lady on the other side.

    Terry’s Place
    Romance with a Twist–of Mystery

  4. Let’s see…lip shrinkage is one. I didn’t notice it until my sister and I were looking in the mirror together, and she said, “Oh, your lips are shrinking, too.” I didn’t need to know that.

    Oh, and eyebrows. They disappear, too. I used to ignore them, but I have to use pencil now. I mentioned that to my brother, and he said he’d wondered why so many “old ladies” at the golf course (he’s a greens superintendent at a very posh one) were penciling them in. He thought they’d gone crazy with the plucking.

    But think of it this way, ladies–the alternative can be downright creepy. We don’t want to look like Joan Rivers.

    • michelehauf says:

      Ah yes, the disappearing eyebrows. So weird. I’ve already started NOT tweezing mine as much, because I’d like to keep as many eyebrow hairs as I possibly can (in reserve) for when that happens.

      Didn’t know about lip shrinkage! Does nothing improve with age? Beyond our exquisite minds, that is. 😉

  5. Leanne Banks says:

    Michele, I love your scarf plan!;) I’m not happy about my eyelids, so I’ve been trying the eyeshadow lift.:) I read I’m supposed to put highlighter both below the brow bone and above, at the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner. Don’t know if it works, but I’ll give it a go! Deadline doesn’t help me look less tired. That’s for sure! Eyebrow hair can be dyed and if you’re really committed, you can put Latisse there. Regarding lips, those plumper glosses offer a temporary fix. Alas, everything right now is a temporary fix!:)

    • michelehauf says:

      Oh, eyelids can be a problem too. That fine, delicate skin. I don’t think I’ve used eye shadow in a decade! One of these days I’ll have to have my gorgeous, classy Riding chicks help me to remember how to put on makeup. Ha!

  6. amy kennedy says:

    Solution…rub vaseline all over your mirror — it makes you look all dewy and vague and just like a Star Trek heroine…
    Okay, I can live with the lines and crows feet splaying out from my eyes, but the lines from my lips drive me crazy — mainly because I was stupid and used to smoke, so I know some of it is my own darn fault. Crap.
    My neck has started to bother me also. My solution is to walk as if I am Queen. Head up, chin tilted high…it works too, until you walk off the step down you didn’t know was there.
    What really bothered me though, is when I lost weight, my but started to sag — and that was with running — I want my big butt back, actually, since I hurt my leg and haven’t been able to run, I pretty much do have my big butt back…along with other things.

    • michelehauf says:

      I’m going to try the walk like a Queen advice. Why not? And if we fall, we’ll do it grandly. 😉 I don’t even want to think about the sagging butt. All items we can’t see by looking straight on into the mirror don’t count, right?

  7. catslady says:

    Jowles – ugly things. I have lived with grey hair for like forever and really don’t mind it but now my eyebrows started turning white and I made the huge mistake of plucking them and now have bare spots – yikes. So I have to use pencil to fill them in. Oh, and sorry to say, I don’t think the scarf trick really works. I have a friend that wears them and turtle necks all the time. She has had a face lift and that part looks wonderful except now her neck seems even more noticable. It’s a b*tch getting old.

    • michelehauf says:

      I have white hairs growing in my brows, too, and I pluck them! I’m going to stop right now.

      Yes, getting old sucks. But would we want to go back to being teenagers again? Probably not. Maybe for a day or two, so we could teach our bad selves what we now know, but then I’d take this craggy old body back in a flash.

  8. Helen Brenna says:

    Disappearing lips and eyebrows. Wrinkly necks. Saggy jowls.

    Here’s something else I’ve heard about aging. Our noses and ears never stop growing! Yikes!

  9. Keri Ford says:

    ok. here’s my theory/reasoning behind ever having any vanity work done:

    if you lost a tooth (esp in front), you’d likely have it replaced, wouldn’t you? How is correcting these wings hanging off my arms any different???

  10. Kylie Brant says:

    Oh, I hate my neck soooo much 😦 Trying to lose weight and hopefully that will help. But yech, where did that stuff come from??? Lipo, yep. Just need a good royalty check 🙂

  11. Stephenia says:

    I despise the neck thing – it has appeared on me too, from age, not weight loss. I don’t mind a brown spot or two or saggy parts where they can be easily disguised, but the neck thing is just tragic.

    But I don’t think the scarf really works – most men don’t like the way they look and other women know why you’re wearing them, so what is the point?

    I am trying to adapt the “just get your purse and go” lifestyle. I do the best I can with what I have, plaster on a big smile paired with inner joy and just get my purse and go. Life is too short to miss out because of my neck thing, smiles.

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