Dip Dip Doo Wah… and a Christmas Pressie for one of you!

It’s that time of the year. Christmas gatherings, potlucks, parties. What to bring? Share your favorite dip or potluck recipe with me and I will draw from your fabulous responses to give one lucky winner a $15.00 gift certificate to Amazon! How’s that for Christmas spirit?

What have I been taking to holiday soirees? Dips. I have a few faves such as Buffalo Chicken Dip. franksEasy peasy to prepare. 1 large can of chicken breast drained. 1/2 cup Frank’s regular hot sauce (more if you can stand it) 8 oz reduced fat softened cream cheese, 3/4 cup reduced fat Ranch dressing, 1/2 cup grated 2% cheddar cheese. Mix everything together and spread in a glass 9 inch pie plate. Microwave on high for 3 minutes. Stir. Microwave for four more minutes. Enjoy with Tostito scoops or some other more healthy carb alternative. There’s never much left of this. I took it to my mother’s house at Thanksgiving and it was gone within 45 minutes of when I set foot inside her door.

A more healthy dip that I love. Texas Caviar. texas_caviar This can be made several ways. Here’s my fave because green pepper and I do not agree. 1/2 cup chopped red pepper. 1 chopped jalapeno pepper (or 1/4 cup chopped from Jalapeno slices in jar), 1/4 cup thinly sliced chopped onion, 1 15 oz. can Black-eyed peas drained and rinsed (you may substitute a can of black beans or kidney beans), 1 can white corn, 1/3 cup low-fat balsamic vinegar dressing, 1 15 oz. can diced tomatoes (OR 1 can of tomatoes and chiles), 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder. Combine all ingredients in bowl and refrigerate for at least two hours before serving (24 hours is best). Keeps for days. Serve with tostitos or healthier carb alternative.

I have a third choice and it is usually reserved for deadline. It’s terrible, wicked bad for you and I rarely purchase it because it’s like crack for me… although I’ve never had crack. I’m just imagining. heluva-good-dip-coupon Heluva Good French Onion dip with ridged potato chips.

There’s another Mexican layered dip that my husband and I enjoy for Super Bowl, but I think I’ve given you enough calories to ponder.Smile

So, now it’s your turn. What do you take to a potluck party? One of you lucky responders will receive a $15.00 Amazon gift certificate. CAN’T WAIT for you to show your stuff!Smile

And starting tomorrow you’ll find us riding with our top down at a new address. We’re celebrating our move for the rest of the month with prizes galore. We go live tomorrow (Tuesday 12/14) so bookmark https://ridingwiththetopdown.wordpress.com and party ’til it’s 2011!

Merry Christmas!



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8 Responses to Dip Dip Doo Wah… and a Christmas Pressie for one of you!

  1. Debra Dixon says:

    Hey! I’m just making a comment. Kicking the tires since we’re getting ready for the big move!

  2. Minna says:

    I take cookies. Coconut vanilla chocolate chip cookies.

  3. Laurie G says:

    Best wishes for a successful trip! I commented on the old site!

  4. Leanne Banks says:

    FABULOUS dip recipes! You guys are the best! I can’t wait to try them ALL (but maybe not all at once). Michele will draw a winner for the Amazon Gift Certificate today!

  5. LSUReader says:

    One of my favorites is this Louisiana Crab Dip:
    1 lb crabmeat
    8 oz cream cheese
    1 stick of butter
    Worcestershire sauce
    Cayenne pepper

    Melt cream cheese and butter in the top of a double boiler. Carefully pick all shells out of crabmeat. Add crabmeat to cheese mixture; stir till blended. Season with dashes of Worcestershire sauce and cayenne pepper, to taste. Serve with crackers.

  6. catslady says:

    I thought this looked familiar lol. I too commented on the old site but will be coming here from now on 🙂

  7. runner10 says:

    I usually bake brownies to take to potluck meals. Children and adults like this.

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