The Bushman – booga booga

I had the great good fortune to be invited to speak in Oakland, Ca. last week at the Black Diamond RWA chapter (hey girls!!!) And since the nice ladies invited me out there, I decided to make a little ‘fun’ trip out of it and extend my stay in San Francisco for a couple extra days. What fun is a visit, however, without company? Not too much so I cashed in some frequent flier miles and had my wonderful daughter-in-law, Eileen, and my 9 year old granddaughter, Kayla, join me.

We spent Sunday and Monday ‘doing’ San Francisco, let me tell ya. Had a great time with two of my favorite girls. And, let’s just say that if there was something to see or do, we saw it and did it!

On a city bus tour, early on the trip, the bus driver/tour guide told us this tall tale about the supposedly famed San Francisco Bushman. The story goes that this man hides along the sidewalks down on Fisherman’s Wharf, using nothing but eucalyptus leaves to cover himself. He ends up looking like a potted plant. Anyway, the tour guide warned us to look out for him because he would pop up when we least expected it and scare us half to death.

Needless to say, Kayla didn’t think too much about the idea that the Bushman might scare us and was constantly on the lookout for him. Eileen and I pretty much dismissed the possibility that he even existed or if he did, that we’d ever run into him … and yes, you guessed it. We were rushing along the street, trying to catch the last cable car of the night. It was pretty dark. We were single-minded in our purpose. And bam! He got us good. He jumped out from behind his leaves, roared and Eileen and I almost wet our pants. Kayla, who had been looking out for him EVERY MINUTE, was not one bit surprised, except by how high we both jumped.

So guess what HER trip highlight was? We made a visit to Muir Woods and the ancient and giant redwoods, we lunched in Sausalito, did Chinatown, rode the cable car, rode not one but TWO different ships on the Blue and Gold fleet out into the bay and under the bridge and around Alcatraz, saw the Aquarium of the Bay, The Wax Museum, went to a live production of SHREK, the Musical at the Orpheum (it was FANTASTIC!) and still, it’s the Bushman, who she talks about when someone asks her what she did.

Go figure.

That ever happen to you? You go on this trip, see all the sights and some odd, unexpected event is what you remember most? What’s the best vacation you’ve taken recently? And what was the best thing about it? For me, it was being with my girls~


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