‘Tis the Season–for Online Shopping!

Confession time: I hate shopping. Although my mother was the consummate shopper, as were her sister and my oldest sibling, that gene is missing in my DNA makeup. I’ll go without something I need for weeks until sheer desperation overcomes my loathing and I’m forced to dash into a store. I don’t linger recalling other things I really need to pick up, either. It’s all about getting in and out in the shortest amount of time possible. Which means I go without a lot, unless I can con my husband into going for me.

He actually does do a bit of my shopping. Strangely, he’s never minded (except at this time of year.) He’ll go and bring home some sweaters and new pants for me, which I can then keep or have him take back,. You have to admit, that’s a pretty sweet deal. It’s like having my own personal shopper, albeit one whose tastes run to the low-cut and slutty. (Those are the ones he usually has to take back.) I’m a huge Christmas junkie, so my shopping aversion used to be set aside at this time of year. But as I get older I have even less patience for the crowds, lack of inventory and unhelpful clerks. Too much going store to store has me plotting homicide, as evidenced by my marathon excursion on Sunday. (You hear that, Toys ‘R Us employee???? They would *never* find your body!)
That’s why one of my favorite things about Christmas is online shopping.
Ahh. Now *that* I could wax poetic about! Last week, Christmas lists in hand, I spent 4 1/2 hours one night getting started on my shopping. Afterwards there was no braving the cold to haul packages out to the car. No jostling crowds in the mall or trudging from one place to the other looking for that must have gift. Just me stretched out on my chaise lounge, Diet Coke in one hand, credit card in another, in search of deals.

Online shopping fills me with childlike wonder. Free shipping makes my Christmas holiday all shiny and bright 🙂
And then there’s the packages. Like magic they begin to appear on the porch every afternoon, two and three a day. And each of them represents more than a gift: they represent one less store I had to force myself into. So far I have successfully avoided the reality that next week, I’m really going to have to start wrapping.
I insist on Christmas lists from my kids before they leave after Thanksgiving. It’s a bonus when I get one that comes complete with links!

What are your favorite parts of the season? Any least favorites? Do you have the shopping gene or are you a mutant like me ?
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