Kathleen Says, Take Care Of the Little People

I’m running late this morning, and of course I’m going to explain why. But first–and this has nothing to do with being late, but it does tie in–I have a new book out this week. Okay, not really NEW new, but first time in this format. It’s actually a two-for-one reprint of BROOMSTICK COWBOY and DEFENDER, and some of you were taking high school algebra when these books came out. But they’re timeless. The book is called A CERTAIN KIND OF HERO, and for me that means the guy who steps up when it’s time to look out for the women and children. Old fashioned, I know, but that’s–sigh–my hero.

Also, I’m working on line edits. I take this part of the writing process very seriously. I read everything once, and I let it sink in. Then I go through again and do the easy fixes. More sinking in. Then I do any bigger pieces that need tuning up. By this time I have a good sense of what the editor sees that I missed. It’s not always a big change in one spot that’s needed. It’s usually something that’s there but needs beefing up. Like all aspects of the process, concentration is key.

Well, yesterday I was moving right along when the school bus arrived. I had approved a two-hour playdate after school because I was told there was a weather emergency. Winter has truly set in here in MN. We have only about an inch of snow on the ground, but do you realize how much that is to a fairy? The girls had a friend coming over to help them make winter homes for the fairies. “Or else they could die!”

Well, you should see the mess!

Okay, this will make me even later, but I’ll go take a picture of what’s on my counter this morning.

I know, I know. They should’ve cleaned it up. But they had to get their homework done and shower and you know how that goes.

And these are the houses. (One went home with the friend.) They don’t look like much, do they? The cardboard was cut apart, floors were added with beds a-fixed upstairs and playrooms downstairs, and they’re really darling on the inside. I asked about leaving a side open so we could see the rooms, but no. Theses aren’t for show. Look closely. It says “Pixies Welcome” on the one on the right. These are for housing fairies.

Here’s a bed that didn’t make the cut. It didn’t have a cushioned mattress. So where will these domiciles reside? In front, I’m told, IN FRONT of the Christmas tree. Santa will bring the fairies. “And not the toy ones we got last year, Nana. Real ones. Santa knows the fairies, and he’ll be glad to see that we want to help them.”

So you see my problem. What if Santa doesn’t bring real fairies?

And if he does, will the dog bother them? And what shall we feed them now that it’s winter in our woods?

Be my friend on Facebook. My next challenge is to figure out this cross-posting thing. What have the kids in your life added to the mix in your hall decking? And what kinds of stories go along? And how do you handle your revisions?


About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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