Did you see that ninja?

No?  Don’t worry, he’s a ninja, you’re not supposed to see him.  🙂 Sort of like love.  Sometimes you don’t see it coming, and it rushes in like a ninja and steals your heart before you even know what hit you.  That’s what happens in my latest electronic novella, THE NINJA VAMPIRE’S GIRL.  The story is a quick adventure that takes place one night in London as the heroine quests for an angel’s halo, and instead finds herself in the arms of a handsome man who also wants the halo—and isn’t afraid to use his fangs to get it.  It’s a fast, fun read, and it’s part of my Of Angels & Demons series, and a part of my Beautiful Creatures world.
I love writing the Nocturne Bites because I usually do them in first person, and I like to play with that POV once in a while.  Also, the short format challenges me to see if I can make the hero and heroine fall in love—fast.  I’ve mentioned here before that I believe in love at first sight, well, this story is more like love at first bite.  🙂

To read the first chapter of The Ninja Vampire’s Girl, click here!

I made a book trailer, and this is only my second attempt at using iMovie, so it’s simple and the music I found was pretty short, so I’m warning you, it’s a fast read.


I don’t actually have copies of Ninja Vamp to give away, but I do have SEDUCING THE VAMPIRESeducing the Vampire (Hqn), which isn’t in stores until the end of this month.  I’ll give away 2 copies to two lucky commenters.  Tell me if you like short stories, or if you prefer them full-length?


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