Guest Author Joanne Rock

Please welcome the fabulous (and gorgeous ) Joanne Rock to the convertible today!

Finding Creativity
One of the joys of blogging and Facebooking (how dare my spell checker suggest that’s not a word) is that I can quiz the world at large with all my burning questions. For example, I wanted to find some great creative writing textbooks for an online class I taught last summer. I could have gone on campus to track down answers, but have you ever tried to find college professors in the summer? Instead, I posed the question on Facebook and had a list of twenty possibilities with a handful of starred preferences in about six hours.
In the same way, blogging allows me to take informal polls and round up feedback on new ideas. For instance, I’ve been spending a lot of my free time this fall trying to learn more about creativity. It’s a topic that’s really tugged at me over the last two years as I’ve grown concerned with the idea of how to recharge depleted creativity and how to maintain that energy over the long haul. To ensure I studied this diligently, I offered to give a workshop on the topic for Carolina Romance Writers in the spring. If I want to have something to share in the workshop, I now have a self-imposed deadline in which to learn a lot! It’s a great way to motivate myself–nothing like the pressure of a looming deadline to start studying hard.
Which brings me to the help I’d like from you today…(Could you sense I was going to put you to work?) What makes you feel the most creative? Think back to times when you felt a burst of creative energy–a time you couldn’t wait to sit down and scrapbook or a weekend that you were really excited to redecorate your kids’ bedroom. Where did that creative surge come from? Were you inspired by seeing something similar on TV or in a magazine? Did a friend accomplish a creative task that motivated you to work on your own?
We all have the power to create and it’s a truly rewarding experience when we can step back from our creation and admire the handiwork. Whether the end result of your creativity is a koi pond in the backyard, a romance novel or a cool fort made with the kids, it’s time well spent that makes us feel fulfilled. Have you exercised your creativity lately? If not, I hope today’s blog will inspire you to tap into your unique strain of creative powers. And if you have, please do share a creative moment. Also, let me know if you can remember where that spark of creativity came from! I’ve got a signed copy of my December Blaze, Under Wraps, for one random poster!
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