Presents! A Chance to Win!

(At left is my favorite Christmas elf. He’s aged some since that picture was taken–and cut off all those gorgeous curls! Shh! Don’t tell him I put this up.)

I’m talking Christmas, people, because it’s really upon us. And because my mom sent (via my bro who visited for Thanksgiving) an early Christmas present. A cuckoo clock she bought in Germany. It’s like getting used to a new pet or a new baby. It makes noises between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. (at least it sleeps through the night) but we keep jumping when it starts its little song and dance every hour.

But it made me think about gifts and when to open them. Surfer Guy grew up opening gifts on Christmas Eve (gasp!), which was almost a marriage dealbreaker…until he promised to do it my way. Of course, Christmas morning is the time to open gifts, else Christmas Day is so anti-climactic. Right? Right?

As my kids get older a lot of the drama has been taken out of the gift-giving. No more of those have-to-have-it toys. I miss that. And staying up late on Christmas Eve attaching a thousand little decals to the latest race course or whatever that Surfer Guy and I just have to play with for a few hours before bed.

But it’s that time of year at the Ridgway house already. Friday after Thanksgiving, the turkeys and pumpkins are put away and the Christmas decorations come out…santas, sleighs, reindeers, penguins. I already have a list and I’m checking it twice.

Are you ready for the season? When do you open gifts?

Whether you’re naughty or nice, I may have a present for you. Comment for a chance to win one of three advance copies of my January release, Then He Kissed Me. Romantic Times gave it 4 1/2 stars, saying “Ridgway gives readers great romance.” I’d love to send you an early Christmas gift…and it’s one that doesn’t sing or cuckoo!

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