Debra – Autographed Books

First…Happy Turkey Day!

Next…let’s talk about autographed books.

So many readers love an autograph.  Personalized, of course.  Authors love to sign books.  I can’t tell you how warm and fuzzy I got at an Australia romance writers event when, instead of a GMC book, a woman stepped up with an old and tattered copy of BAD TO THE BONE and gushed.

Those are the moments you remember when it’s 3 a.m. and you’re pushing a deadline uphill like a square, two ton rock.

I was reminded last night that autographs are moments in time that we carry with us into the future.  My sister is moving.  We brought dinner to the new house so no one would have to cook.  As we’re leaving she says, “Wait!  I’ve found some books your friends autographed to you.  You must have loaned them to me and I lost them.”  She runs to one of the seven million boxes and returns with two books.

Book One.   THE WEDDING DRESS by Virginia Ellis
Gin died unexpectedly.  She’d been a stockholder in BelleBooks.  A dear friend.  When I pulled the book out, I smiled and my brain actually whispered, “Hey you!” as if to greet an old friend.  I had some lovely moments remembering the book and Gin.

Book Two.  WHEN VENUS FELL by Deborah Smith
Some would say that Deborah Smith and I are joined at the hip.  Now, anyway.  At the dawn of mankind (when I was just beginning to understand writing and publishing) I wanted to be the love child of Tami Hoag, Steven Hunter and Deborah Smith.  I thought Deb wrote the most amazing books.  She was a rising, shining star in the romance world.  Destined to become a NYT Bestselling author.  But I didn’t know her.

Eventually I sold to Bantam/Random House and I was introduced to Deb at publisher functions.  Over the years we became friendly and eventually business partners and these days we now talk and email so often that barely an hour goes by that we don’t communicate in some way.  Except when we sleep.  LOL!

So, back to last night.  WHEN VENUS FELL was published in 1998.  That was a year before anyone had ever dreamed or even whispered about a joint business venture  that would become BelleBooks, Inc. and its imprint Bell Bridge Books.

Deb- You are destined to run a publishing empire.”  Love Deb  –  Deborah Smith

I have to close now, because I need to go get Deb Smith to pick some lottery numbers for me.

How about you?  Do you love to autograph? Love to get autographed copies?  Have any autographs that are tied to people and memories that rush back when you read the autograph?

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