What does your family do?/Belated Happy Birthday Kylie!

First, we want to wish a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KYLIE!!! Since we missed it, you just need to keep celebrating.:)

And now for the rest of us…Happy Early Thanksgiving! Are you ready? Will you be the cook? Or the taste tester?Smile

Is your family getting together for the day?

My family splits the holidays so that we gather together on Thanksgiving one year and Christmas the next. Whichever holiday we spend together, that’s when we exchange gifts.

This year, we are also doing “The Drumstick Dash”. TurkeyRMtype It’s a 5K charity run or walk… depending on your mood. There will probably be at least 15 of us running or walking (including my niece who is 5 months pregnant and will be pushing her 22 month old son in a stroller!). More of us will be walking than running. Our group name will be Tom Minyard’s Turkeys. My father, Tom Minyard, passed away two years ago and we will wear small posters in his memory. Knowing my father, he would have been one of the runners. He was very physically active. We all miss him terribly, but we also know that we were super lucky to have him in our lives. He was a very positive person who could make you believe that “you can do it”. Here he is dancing with my Mom at my niece’s wedding. favedancers (2)

We’ve all signed up to bring assorted fattening foods with little nutritional value to share. I’m hoping that 5K walk will burn off at least a few of those calories. One of my favorite activities is the white elephant gift exchange. Everyone brings a gag gift or a gift that doesn’t cost much and we take turns opening them and trying to trade the ones we don’t like for something we like better… such as peanut m&ms. Seems like somebody always brings a fart machine. Even if I end up with the fart machine (from my husband who won it last year), I’ll have a smile on my face. It’s a precious time to be able to get together… fart_machine_2

What will you and your family do during the Thanksgiving holiday? I’m all ears! I’d love to hear!Smile



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