Debra – Assume the Position

I traveled this past weekend and I feel a little dirty. Why? Our airport has begun operation of the body scanners. It’s sort of like standing around naked.

Theoretically, no one but the scanner operator is “peering” at your for-all-intents-and-purposes naked body. This is NOT me… <g>

But you can certainly see why it feels like you’re standing around naked.

The following 4 shots of the front/back view of a man and a woman illustrate the “position.” Once you pass through the metal detector, you are waved to the body scanner where you face the machine and spread your legs, raise your hands over your head and angle your arms in. You must angle your arms over your head.

And if you’re a woman who wears a bra, then you get additional scanning of your back by hand because the idjits apparently have never seen metal bra hooks.

One of the machines actually uses radiation. So, I get to stand around, looking naked to someone while being dose with radiation. Hmmm… Do I at least get to skip some of the pain in the butt security like taking off my SHIRT? (Yes, on a recent trip they made me take off my shirt and stand around in my camisole. I was decent, but…seriously? A thin cotton shirt over a camisole is considered a jacket? Yep.

I’m beginning to get a bit cranky.

The procedure is easy enough. I’ve included a plain old photography shot of the machine and a man below.

But have we gone too far?

You tell me. Are you uncomfortable with this kind of screening?

Are you still comfortable if you know the machines are all capable of taking and storing images? What if the TSA told you that they “always” turn off that capability when installing a machine? Do you believe them?

What do you think about the additional time you are separated from your purse, for instance, while you wait for a scan to be complete?

I have to say…I think maybe we’ve gone a bridge too far.

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