Unique Weddings

I’ve got weddings on my mind lately. So I’m always on the lookout for interesting/unique/fun nuptials. For instance, a friend of mine told me about a ceremony she attended recently. The bride was in her forties and had never been married. The groom was in his fifties and was divorced. An older couple. (Although I find ‘older’ to be an extremely relative term these days.) Because of their age and their respective experience, I guess, they didn’t feel the need to have a traditional white dress ‘I’m going to give a meal to everyone I ever met’ kind of event.

Instead, they asked some of their guests to host tables. Hosting a table meant asking them to supply the meal and place settings for ten people. From all reports this made for a fascinating and fun dinner. Every table had a theme. It was like traveling to different parts of the world every time you strolled about the room. The bride, obviously not suffering from stage fright, sang a cappella as she walked down the aisle, and the groom did a little dance. I’m told it was a true celebration in every sense of the word.

Our girl Michele told me about a wedding where the pets of the bride and groom were honored guests. Wasn’t that it, Michele? They had their own seats?

My niece who lives on the North Dakota/Wyoming border just got married. She’s a professional fencer. In other words, she puts up miles and miles of barb wire on a daily basis. She and her husband are also pretty serious deer hunters. The centerpieces for their reception were a gelatinous candle in a glass jar into which a little curl of rusty barbwire and shotgun shells were incorporated. Very cute and extremely specific to their personalities.

I love the idea of making weddings personal and fun. But it’s a little intimidating.

My daughter, who is planning an October wedding, hopes to get married on horseback.

My son, whose fiancée is from Cameroon, wants an Arabic theme for their celebration.

So I’m looking for fun ideas. Have you been to any weddings recently? What was the most interesting aspect of the event? Was it the location, the dress, the cake, the guests? Enlighten me.

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