DEADLY INTENT release day!!!

Is there a more exciting moment for an author than release day? The day she gets to show off her baby to the world and hope that the world, in turn, will be kind to it? Here’s my latest. I’m still in love with the cover! Every once in a while the cover gods get it right and they nailed the Colorado wintry setting this time around. I did get quite an odd look from my husband when I was gushing over it, saying, “Ooh, cool, there’s *blood* on the cover!” I’m sure he wonders what happened to the woman he thought he married!

Deadly Intent is book 4 in The Mindhunters series, but like the first three books it stands alone. The eleven-year-old daughter of a wealthy mogul has been kidnapped–for the second time.
Two years ago, it was the head of the company, Adam Raiker who did what the FBI failed to do the first time and brought Ellie Mulder home. So her parents want Raiker on the case again, which means his investigators have to forge an uneasy alliance with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, who are heading the case.
Set in the blustery mountainous area outside Denver, the setting becomes almost another character in the story. Frigid temperatures and blizzard conditions in the course of the search places another obstacle to finding the girl.
It’s been said that my characters are always a bit damaged and I guess that’s true. Trauma shapes us, often dramatically. And what emerges in a person after such an experience is what truly fascinates. Regardless of how objective a character strives to be, he or she still sees the world through their own unique filter. And often responding to events in the plot is made more difficult because of the personal obstacles a person must overcome.
That is certainly the case in Deadly Intent. As a forensic linguist, Macy Reid is very familiar with the nuances and patterns of language. And as a former kidnap victim she’s all too aware of the tragic consequences of that experience. So she’s uniquely qualified to be placed on the team of investigators looking into the abduction.
She and fellow investigator Kellan Burke work with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation on a race against the clock to find Ellie Mulder before the madman holding her can carry through on his threats. The case brings up uncomfortable memories of Macy’s own past. But it’s Kell who causes the most discomfort. After the one night they spent together six months ago, she’s found him impossible to forget. Paired together for the course of the investigation, he’s impossible to ignored. And so are the feelings he ignites inside her….
You can follow this link for an excerpt of Deadly Intent:
What are your favorite type of characters to read about? What qualities make you root for them to the bitter end? Is there any character that you won’t read? One lucky commenter will win a copy of Deadly Intent!
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