Halloween Grinch… What are you doing for Halloween?

Do you love Halloween? Do you decorate? Do you dress up when you hand out treats? Or do you turn out all the lights and hope for bad weather?

Some people get into the spirit and it’s fun to watch. Such as Lois Greiman’s daughter and fiancée. Aren’t they adorable? halloweenweb

And whoever would have thought our own sweet Christie Ridgway could be so creepy? Look what she did to her house and her favorite Halloween cat.

SAMSUNG            christiesfavoritehalcat

And Kathleen Eagle’s graveyard! Where did those dark tendencies originate?

Deb Dixon says she’d love to get into the Halloween spirit, but no one comes to the door trick-or-treating anymore. Once there are grandkids to “scare” she’ll start “haunting” the stores for great Halloween decorations. Until then she contents herself with a Mummy plaque for the front door, which she actually painted herself. (Because it’s not enough that she is a great fiction and nonfiction writer, editor, publisher, and speaker… She has to have other talents too.)

Me? I’m a Halloween Grinch. I don’t mind giving out the candy. It’s the whole jack-in-the-box thing from the doorbell ringing and the dog barking… followed by a pause when I sit down…. then more ringing and dog barking and jumping. Plus I don’t like scary or gross stuff. I remember going to a haunted house when I was a little girl where I walked into a dark room and was instructed to put my hands in noodles and told they were brains. Peeled grapes were eyeballs. YUCK I remember wearing the plastic costumes and getting cold, yet somehow sweaty at the same time. I collected the candy and “saved” it. Seriously I can remember finding a hidden bag of Halloween candy in my closet… at Easter. Petrified candy. How much candy can a child eat? Don’t answer that. I also saw instructions on what kind of candy to buy for Halloween and I broke the #1 rule. Don’t buy your favorites. Oops.

Even though I don’t love Halloween, it’s fun to see kids get excited about it. Like Cindy Gerard’s goblin grandchildren. cindysgoblins

And Helen Brenna’s son with his friends. (He’s in the sombrero). Dylan_and_buds_Halloween

And then there’s that time I dressed my dog, Bijou, as a princess. princessbijou

WHAT ARE YOU doing for Halloween? Share, share! We all want to know!


Leanne — BOO!

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