What scares you?

With Halloween close, the television shows take a decidedly darker tone and then tend to feature ‘Scary Movie marathons’.  I don’t like horror movies.  I don’t like being scared, because I scare easily.  And I have nightmares.  Seriously?  I still fear the hand reaching out from under the bed to touch me.  Just touch me.  I would die.  Of fear.

Movies like Silence of the Lambs scarred me.  I didn’t even watch it in the theater; I saw it on TV, which means the really bad stuff was cut out.  But I can’t erase the image of that girl in the pit, and that freakin’ fingernail!  And don’t even mention that sludgy slime in the bathtub.  (I’m going to have a nightmare tonight just for mentioning it.)
The Alien movie was another that scarred me, and I saw it when I was about 12 or 13.  Those slimy pods opening up.  That alien bursting out of the man’s chest?  Aggh!
A lego rendering of the awful moment.

But my worst movie fear?  Anything that features an exorcism.  It seriously damages my tender little brain.  And one of my favorite movies is Constantine, which features an exorcism within the first ten minutes!  I watch it a lot, but not unless I forward past the exorcism scene.  I don’t even believe in demonic possession, but something about watching the act of casting a demon out of a human freaks me.
Now I want to know: What scares you at the movies?  Do you like horror shows?  What’s your all-time scariest movie recommendation?  Do you get nightmares from watching scary stuff?  Will somebody please hold me so the boogie man doesn’t get me?

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