Here’s a question: Were people meant to be monogamous? And if so, why does it seem to be so difficult for so many. I looked up the stats. Apparently 40-60% of married people are, have been, or will be unfaithful. If the subject group was men with money and power I think you’d get closer to 99.9%. In fact, I’m afraid I’d be more amazed to hear that a celeb is toeing the line than to hear that he’s cheating.

Think about the recent scandals. Elin Nordegren

Tiger Woods: He was married to a Swedish beauty named Elin Nordegren for five years. They had two gorgeous children together. But recently he admitted to having 120 affairs. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot to me. (It works out to two a month.) Elin vows that she had no idea he was being unfaithful until she learned of his connection with their 21 year old neighbor. Personally, I think naiveté hits new heights there. Still, I cannot possibly tell you how happy I was when I heard she was divorcing him.

Brett Favre: Maybe this isn’t such big news elsewhere, but here in Minnesota, there’s little talk about anything other than how football pro Favre sent naughty sexts and pics of his not so private parts to a former Jets employee, Jenn Sterger (who some think looks very much like his wife).
Deanna Favre

First off, really? He sent nude photos to a reporter and didn’t think the public would find out? Almost makes me think professional athletes aren’t as intelligent as I first suspected. :-/

Jenn Sterger

John Travolta: He is said to have been caught “cheating in a gay sex scandal within a secret sub culture” while his wife Kelly, 47, is due to bear their baby in a couple of weeks.

Mel Gibson: I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. I mean, seriously, he had about 47 kids with his wife of 28 years then left her (to the tune of $320 million) for a Russian musician who demanded $60,000 a month in childcare (for their baby) and alleged that he hit her so hard he broke her teeth. Because of this and various recent rants he’s lost his upcoming role on Hangover II. I’m not generally a proponent of the capital punishment but I could make an exception in Gibson’s case.

John Edwards: He was running for president and lying about the existence of a love child while proposing to have a wonderful marriage to Elizabeth who was fighting a battle with cancer. Nuf said.

I’m sure you could name a half a dozen other sordid scandals.

But why? Why, why, why, why, why does it happen? I have to assume none of these men walked down the aisle with the intent of making their wives’s lives miserable. In fact, I have to believe they were attracted to and cared about their spouses at some point. So why would they risk their families, their reputations and their careers by having affairs with somebody else?

Thoughts anyone?

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