Most interesting travel meet-up/KARYN GOOD – Tiara blog winner from 9/27

Please forgive my LATE contest winner announcement for my tiara blog from September 27, but I’ve been gallivanting! The winner is KARYN GOOD!

As some of you may know, my husband and I bought All You Can Jet tickets from Jetblue. The deal was you pay a set price and you can fly anywhere within the Jetblue system for 30 days. We couldn’t have done this A.When our children were younger. B. When we had heavy September work requirements. C. When our kids went to college.

This was a rare opportunity, so we decided to grab it.  We would not usually make this kind of impulsive decision.  In fact, we’ve spent a lifetime NOT making these kinds of decisions, so I’m especially glad we took the plunge now.  I highly recommend the experience if you can work it into your schedule.  My husband and I both feel very fortunate to have taken this opportunity.

First trip:  We drove part of the way up the Pacific Coast highway from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara (where I finished and turned in my latest book), then joined author friend, Charlene Sands and her husband for dinner at Duke’s at Malibu,      calsea 042  spent a night in Marina del Ray and ate at In and Out Burger before we flew to Seattle. Took a Duck tour,  calsea 072  visited the Space Needle and rode a ferry to Bainbridge Island. It was more beautiful than I expected. We took a red-eye and came home to recover. Although we originally planned to go to Bermuda, we rescheduled that trip due to an impending hurricane! Ack! We followed Jetblue’s rules to the letter by cancelling or changing flights at least 3 days in advance and we never paid a penalty.

Next trip, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. LOVED Grand Canyon. We took a small plane from Boulder City to Las Vegas then toured the South Rim.    IMG_2152 That outbound flight from Boulder City was rough, but the return sunset flight was lovely. I’m not a big gambler, so I didn’t spend much time in the Casino, but I did enjoy a visit to the beautiful Bellagio gardens,  IMG_2178  a CHER concert and dinner with friends.  Oh, and just so you know, we got tickets to that Cher show by going to a TIMESHARE presentation!

Final trip, Bermuda. I’ve always wanted to go, but it’s an expensive island, sooo… to justify that???   We took the plunge, stayed at a “pink” hotel right on the harbor  IMG_2252


and visited other beaches during our trip.     We made a special visit to a beach to collect some of the pink sand to share with our family when we returned.IMG_2267

Along the way, we met a politically active server in Santa Monica and in Santa Barbara, a mechanical engineer with a doctorate who drives tourists in rickshaw bicycles in his spare time (for fun!). We met a lovely self-employed accountant on the ferry to Bainbridge. She was from Scandanavia. At the Grand Canyon, we met a seventy-plus man who was visiting the canyon for the second time.  His first visit was forty years ago! In Bermuda, we met a waiter who wanted to move to Costa Rica. All of the people we met broadened our perspective a little and enriched us because they were both like us and different…

My questions is can you tell me some of the most interesting people you’ve met while travelling? I’m all ears!:)

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