Get packed!

You’re going to a desert island, or maybe a tropical island.  You pick.  You have to go for a year, and your job, family and life will be tended while you’re gone.  There will be no one else on the island, no phone calls, but I promise you’ll have meals and a warm bed.  You won’t suffer, and this is something you want to do.  You get to bring along five things:

Your favorite song (you can only listen to the one song for the whole year)
Your favorite book (yep, just one; no other means to read)
Your favorite DVD (there will be a means to watch it, but only that one movie)
Your favorite game/activity
Your favorite treat (in a quantity to last the full year)

Here’s what’s in my suitcase:

My favorite song is Hallelujah, as sang by K.D. Lang.

My favorite book would be The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

My favorite DVD would be Dangerous Liaisons (yes, I could watch it daily)
My favorite activity is jigsaw puzzles, so I’d bring along the 3000 piece underwater themed puzzle I own.
And my favorite treat is some nice 85% dark chocolate
Now it’s your turn!  List the five things you’ll have packed in your suitcase!

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