First let me say thank you to Cindy Gerard and all the incredible authors at Riding with the Top Down for having me. It’s so great to hang out with you guys
and talk ETERNAL HUNGER, the first book in my Mark of the Vampire series,which hit the shelves as of October 4th!!

And…(drumroll) here’s a debut sneak peak of the hot off the presses cover for my second book in the series, ETERNAL KISS!
(out 4/2011)

Covers. Oh boy, that can be a wild, interesting, maddening, thrilling topic, no? Walking down the aisle in your favorite book store, your eyes running over the sea of titles – what catches you and makes you pick it up, flip it over and read the back? Or heck, what makes you cringe and turn the other way?

Since moving from category romance to paranormal, I’ve seen hundreds of awesome covers, drooled over many a hunky bare-chested hero, and yet I’m always interested in what everyone
else deems a ‘killer cover.’ There’s been some talk lately about the hero chest cover shots being overdone. For me, there can’t be enough ripped chest – and throw in a little strong jaw and a tat and I’m a buyin’!

Hee hee.

So what about you? Are covers a huge deal when you buy a book? What kinds of covers attract you? And what kinds have you running from the store?

I have 2 copies of ETERNAL HUNGER to give away so please comment!

Hey gang – Cindy, here, chiming in to let you know that the buzz for ETERNAL HUNGER
is at a fever pitch! Publisher’s Weekly, in a starred review says: Just when it seems every possible vampire twist has been turned, Wright launches a powerful series with a rich mythology, page-turning tension, and blistering sensuality. Cool, right? Make sure you rush right out and check out this amazing book! http://laurawright.com


About cindygerard

Cindy Gerard is a New York Times best-selling author of action packed romantic suspense novels. Learn more about Cindy at http://www.cindygerard.com
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