Can it be? DEADLY PROMISES on sale now!!

When did September 28th sneak up on me? And why do I care about September 28th? Well, because it’s release day! I’m dragging myself out of deadline dementia (have a book due 10-1) to let you know that … (be warned, grandiose self-promotion to follow – but hey – it’s not EVERY day that I have a new release, right?)

DEADLY PROMISES, a super hot, super cool (and yes, it’s possible to be both) anthology headlined by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love, and joined by MOI and Laura Griffin hits the shelves at a book store near you today. That would be September 28th (Ahem.) Even more good news? You can also buy DEADLY PROMISES at:,, and B&

I’ve been lucky enough to get sneak peaks of both JUST BAD ENOUGH, from Sherrilyn and Dianna and UNSTOPABLE, from Laura and let me tell you, both novellas rock! I’m so excited that my novella, LEAVE NO TRACE is a part of this collection.

Love this photo of Me, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Laura Griffin and Dianna Love at the RWA Literacy book signing in Orlando at Nationals this past July. What cool women those 3 ladies are.

I can already hear the question: Is LEAVE NO TRACE a Black Ops. Inc story? And the answer: Yes! And No… David Cavanaugh, the hero, is a friend of the BOIs and actually assisted them in their operation in Jakarta to rescue Crystal (WHISPER NO LIES). And Cav’s heroine is none other than Carrie Granger – Wyatt Savage’s old high school flame (RISK NO SECRETS). I received so much reader mail about both Cav and Carrie that I just knew they had to have their own story. LEAVE NO TRACE provided the perfect vehicle to make that happen.

So, I hope you want to come with me to exotic Myanmar where Cav is tasked with the dangerous mission of rescuing Carrie from a slave labor camp in the treacherous ruby mines of the Shan Plateau north of Mandlay. Then hang on for one heck of a wild romantic ride. And of course, the guys from Black Ops., Inc. show up to help Cav save the day.

Now, I’ve got some questions for you. Do you generally buy anthologies and if not, why not? If you do buy them, have anthologies that feature multiple stories by multiple authors ever introduced you to a new author you wouldn’t have tried had it not been for one of your favorite authors also participating in the collection? Also, do you read only the novella by your favorite author or do you read (or at least try to read) all the stories in the collection? I’m also wondering if you have you ever stumbled upon a ‘favorite new’ author as the result of buying an anthology that featured one of your auto-buy authors in the collection.

Whew. That’s a lot of questions. Please speak up. If you post, you’re in the drawing for 1 of 2 copies of DEADLY PROMISES at the end of the day. Thanks!! And happy, happy reading!


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