Is This Title Real?

Does anyone else pay attention to titles? I’ll admit, I’m getting bad at remembering the specific name of a book I read and enjoyed. Authors’ names I recall, and really that has always seemed more important to me. But it is getting a bit disconcerting to have to try and describe a book I read, saying, “You know, the Lee Child novel where the people got thrown out of a plane over a desert?” It’d be so much handier if I just recalled the title. Unfortunately, titles, along with appointment dates and phone numbers have been among the victims of my unraveling memory these days.

But on the flip side there are titles that once encountered are unforgettable. Pride and Prejudice. Coffee, Tea or Me? Go Ask Alice. Pregnesia.

Yep, that’s right, I said it. Pregnesia. It was an Intrigue out last year. I dare you to forget that title.

Which brings me to my point. (Bet you thought I didn’t have one ) Have you ever watched the bit on Jay Leno, “Is This Headline Real?” Let’s see how you do. I’ll list some titles and you try to guess which ones are real and which aren’t. Ready?

The Sheik’s Virgin Stable Girl

Daddy Long Stroke

The Italian’s Cast Off Virgin Bride

Love in the Laundry Cycle

Bought for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure

The Weird and Wacky Guide to Knocking Off Ex-Boyfriends

Nude Teacher’s Dilemma

If You Want Closure in Your Relationship Start with Your Legs

Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work

Zombie Proof Your Coffin

Living with Crazy Buttocks

The Absolutely Positively Kinda Sorta Maybe Final Word on Everything

Can you find the five made up titles among the rest of these gems without looking them up? Is it important to you to recall titles of books you enjoyed? What makes a title memorable to you?

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