What movies scare you?

I don’t like horror movies.  I don’t like to be scared.  I hate excessive gore and horror-porn (like the Saw franchise).  I don’t even need to see those movies to know they’d screw with my tender sensibilities.  Heck, I was scarred after watching Silence of the Lambs (and that was on TV, so all the really bad stuff was cut out).  But I saw the trailer for this movie, and something compelled me to see it.

Then I heard it was another M Night production, and I got a little leery.  His last few efforts did not impress me, though I loved his earlier works like SIGNS and, oh heck, the name for the ‘I see dead people’ escapes me.  I even liked THE VILLAGE (mostly).  But every time I saw the trailer, it niggled at me.  So the hubby and I saw it this past weekend.  I loved it!  It’s about five strangers who get trapped in an elevator, yet alludes that the Devil will take his due and there’s nothing you can do about it.  
You wouldn’t think that would make for fascinating viewing, but trust me, the tension was dialed up tightly.  There was just enough back story on each character (and some story held back for even more tension) to make you care about what happened.  People die (not a spoiler) but you don’t see them die.  Blood doesn’t splatter the screen and parts are not torn and tossed about.  It all happens in the dark and then the shock of what happened is what’ll make you jump and even drop your jaw.  (I did that a few times.)  Subtle horror, I think you’d call it.  And Night threw in his usual twist at the end.  There wasn’t a wasted moment, not a boring second.  And it will keep you guessing until the very end.  This movie is a return to some of his earlier works.  It’s rated PG-13, and is about an hour and twenty minutes long.
So what movies scare you?  Do you like horror and slasher flicks?  Or are you like me and prefer your horror subtle and as bloodless as possible?
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