Deadline look, food and drawing for Oct. book!!!

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I’m on deadline.  And it’s not pretty.


I’ve told my husband it’s like when men go hunting and they don’t shower or change clothes for days because they’re focused on bagging the prize.  It’s the same for me during deadline.  I’m focused on bagging the prize.  The prize is the end of a good book and the ability to get it off my desk and to my editor. deer_antlers

My writing process is dilly-dallying for the first half of the book because it doesn’t feel perfect.   Sometimes it feels like crap.  I’m actually not even sure I’m going to finish the book until I reach 100 pages and there have been plenty of times I haven’t backed up until that point.  Yes, I know that’s living dangerously, but… I can be a bully to myself about my writing.

None of this changes the fact that I need to turn in my book.  So, as I draw closer to this date, I must give up my pathetic disbelief in myself, buck up and write the daggone book whether I feel like I suck or not.

But I digress.  Along the way of writing over 55 books, I do some things to get through.  1. Wear yoga pants.  The great thing about yoga pants is you can wear them to the mailbox, and when truly desperate to the grocery store, and no one will know that you wore them to bed last night (and maybe the night before). They are also black and won’t show what you spilled on them.  If you don’t remember to wash your yoga pants, you could end up wearing these… britches 001  but don’t wear them to the grocery store.:)   2. A shower is a reward for pages written, but deodorant is compulsory.  3. Dry shampoo covers a multitude of… well, it sorta covers, but if you use too much, you’ll look like a freak.  4. Iced tea (or coffee for people who don’t understand the necessity of iced tea) is the nectar of life.  5. Boiled eggs for breakfast.  Avoid the contaminated ones, and yes, I know boiled eggs sound gross, but eat too many carbs and you’ll be snoozing in front of your computer screen.  6. Speaking of carbs, low-fat Cheez-it crackers are great for nervous munching.cheezit   (Warning:  Don’t give these to your dog or she will expect one EVERY time you touch the box.)  7. Chocolate.  I generally confine my chocolate consumption to a couple of pieces or a couple of chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies.  But don’t get between me and the chocolate, and don’t eat the last cookie without replacing the bag unless you want to wake up with scissors in your head… Just kidding.  Maybe.  8.  Make-up?  What’s that? During deadline, I embrace the fact that I am the BEFORE picture.  9. Dinner?  Casseroles and take-out.  If it doesn’t last more than one night, then I’m not cooking it this week.  10. Ear plugs and noise-reducing headphones.  Bose brand is not necessary, although I gave my husband the good ones as a gift.  These are important so you don’t start throwing sharp objects at your neighbor who begins mowing his yard right when you’ve gotten into your Zen zone … or your family members can’t stop asking you questions.

Everyone has a version of a deadline or can remember exam week during school or college.  When you’ve got to make a big push, what do you do to get through?  What are your guerilla tactics to achieve, succeed and FINISH? 


I just received author copies of my October Silhouette Special Edition, ROYAL HOLIDAY BABY.  I really like this one and I don’t always say that.  It’s nice that RT liked it too and gave it a 4 ½ review.  This book is NOT on the shelves and I will give ONE responder a copy!

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