Debra – Miles To Go Before I Sleep

I have just returned from Australia.  Yep.  That’s where I’ve been.  Missed me?

No?  Geez.  Lie a little.  It wouldn’t kill you.  Pretend you noticed I was gone.

What did I learn during those long miles on a plane ?

1) Frequent Flyer miles are your friend.  The Business Class with 180 degree recline with foot rest is awesome!  You’re in your own little cubicle, with a TV, power outlet, lovely people waiting on you hand and foot.  A back massager in the seat!!  And a remote control for everything, including the light, air, footrest, etc.  The TV has an inexhaustible movie, TV show and game supply.  And a very handy feature that you can use to check exactly where you are.  The screen shows you a map, tells you how much longer you’ll be in flight.  I used it to figure out when I should go to sleep so I could arrived “rested” when we landed in Sydney.

Yes, you may all laugh now.   I stayed up all night watching movies.  And reading Anne Stuart’s RUTHLESS.  And asking for things to drink.  And then hitting the loo.

2)  Packing my Kindle with submissions and SWEARING that I was going to work all those hours over and back was the height of delusion.  I’m a bad, bad editor.  :/

3)  You do not want to hear your pilot say, “Well, folks.  It looks like we’re going to have to divert to Brisbane because we’ve over-burned our fuel and we’re not sure we can circle safely before landing in Sydney if there is any delay.”

Seriously.  He said that.  I’m not making this up to be humorous.  So, we flew all that way and an extra 2-3 hours to divert, land, refuel, and wait in line to take off again.

4)  I should have known there would be some problems in Australia because when we landed LATE in LA to switch planes, we were cutting it very very close for making our international flight.  So close my husband told me to “gather and go” the moment the pilot turned off the seatbelt light.  Even in first class and first off he still thought we’d have to run for it.

Nope.   We walked off one plane and walked diagonally across to our next gate.  The flight was boarding but we made the plane.  No running necessary. That should have been the clue that we’d just used up our allotment of travel luck!

5)  Okay, this isn’t really about learning anything, but the return trip?  That was about 34 hours door-to-door.  Everything went wrong.  Delays, missed planes, broken planes.

Despite the usual travel hassles, Australia is such a lovely country with lovely people.  I attended the Romance Writers of Australia conference.  What a great group of writers!!  But even people we didn’t know were nice to us.  Like when the nice police car pulled up to my husband as we were driving down a mall area designated for people only.  “Are you lost, sir?”  ROFL.  Yeah.  That was amusing.

How’s your summer been?  Any funny travel incidents?  What books did you take along to read?

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