More Character Profiles

Helen and Michele got us started talking about their process for choosing what their characters look like. I wish mine were as specific. The picture I have of my characters exists only in my mind.

Why is that? Well, mostly because I’m not up on all the hot new actors out there these days. One of my fans informed me that my Jan. 09 book featured (he-whose-name-I-promptly-forgot) from One Life to Live. Or was it Another World? No matter. I didn’t recognize the name (or apparently the soap opera.)

My problem is that when I picture a hot guy he invariably bears a vague resemblance to one of a handful of actors: Matthew McConaughey, Clive Owen or Goran Visnjic. And after 30+ books I can’t keep picturing the same three men all the time!

My work in progress is a case in point. When I began the Mindhunters series, I never imagined the trilogy would turn into six books. Nor did it occur to me that the shadowy, enigmatic boss in the background of each story was going to command so much interest. Readers wrote to ask more about him. My editor asked for three more Mindhunters books, this trilogy with an overarching suspense plot involving Adam Raiker, the legendary ex-FBI profiler and head of Raiker Forensics. So here I am on book 6, Raiker’s story and my uusal mix of go-to guys don’t come close to resembling him. Perhaps he’s a victim of his own mystique 🙂

What I do know is that he’s in his early to mid forties, with dark hair and laser blue eyes. Raiker’s last case for the Bureau nearly killed him eight years earlier. While tracking a notorious child-killer through the bayous of Louisiana, he was able to free the latest victim but ended up captured himself. He endured three long days of torture before killing his captor and escaping. As a result of the torture he has a hideous scar bisecting his throat; an eyepatch where he lost one eye; and he walks with a limp with the help of a cane, after suffering nerve damage in one leg. Scars crisscross much of his body, including the backs of his hands. After several surgeries he left the feds and began his own company, staffing it with the most brilliant criminologists and scientists in the country. They consult with law enforcement on particularly high profile and puzzling crimes.

You see what I mean. How do I find a guy who looks like that? An actor just doesn’t convey the air of mystery surrounding Adam Raiker.

Oh, who am I kidding? Give him an eyepatch and a few scars and Goran will fit the bill nicely!

But I’m certainly open to suggestions! Do you have any names that you think might fit the bill? And does anyone want to hazard a guess at the identity of the guy in the first picture?

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