Sisterhood and Random Acts of Kindness and Debra Webb

Like Helen, Christie, Leanne, Betina, Kylie and Deb, I’m just back from RWA Nationals and Orlando, utterly worn out, still grinning from meeting up with my buddies and humbled by the sisterhood of my fellow writers.
Case in point: A very good friend of mine, Debra Webb, who was to have blogged with us this week, suffered an unfortunate fall on the second day of the conference that sent her to the hospital and ultimately home where she is still recovering. Like most of us, Deb had a very full schedule which included meetings with her agent and editors, workshop presentations … and the list goes on and on.
I was so pleased (although not surprised) when anyone who heard of Deb’s accident rallied to offer support, pick up the slack … do whatever they could do help get her through this difficult time. Some of us covered her workshop, some made trips to the hospital to be with her, her wonderful friend Peggy Webb was a pillar of strength and support and … well, again, the acts of kindness goes on and on.

All that outpouring of love and support strengthened my already staunch faith in the writer’s community and the strong bonds we hold for each other. Yes, we are sometimes competing against each other in contests and even for space on the bookstore shelves, but the bottom line is, when one of us is down, you can count on so many others to lighten the load. All that love is a wondrous thing to behold. And I’m so proud of all my writing sisters for answering the call.

Today (and every day), I’m sending many, many hugs to Deb and hoping for a speedy recover. Please feel free to post a note to her here to let her know you are also thinking of her. And, for a really fantastic read … make sure you rush right out and buy Deb’s current romantic suspense release from St. Martins Press, ANYWHERE, SHE RUNS.

Here are just a few of the reviews this incredible book has received:

Anywhere She Runs is fast-paced, action-packed suspense, the way romantic suspense is supposed to be. Webb crafts a tight plot, a kick-butt heroine, a sexy hero with a past and a mystery as dark as the black water at night.” —Romantic Times BOOKReviews

“This book balances suspense, romance, and drama in just the right measures. Just when you think you know where the plot is headed, there is a twist or turn that makes you want to keep reading. Let’s hope there are more Adeline Cooper mysteries to come!” —Affaire de Coeur

Anywhere She Runs is a spine tingling romantic suspense—a gripping tale from the pen of the talented Debra Webb. She doesn’t disappoint. With good storytelling and a hot romance, Anywhere She Runs will grab readers and not let go until the last terrifying page.” —Romance Reviews Today

Clearly, this is one book you don’t want to miss!

We love you, Deb!!!


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15 Responses to Sisterhood and Random Acts of Kindness and Debra Webb

  1. KylieBrant says:

    Thinking of you and sending healing prayers your way, Deb! Am sooo sorry for your pain and suffering, though . Your workshop was pretty full with people wanting to hear you and Peggy. When they discovered they were stuck with Cindy and me they were kind enough not to get up and walk out, LOL. Hope the trip home wasn't too brutal.

  2. krisgils33 says:

    get well soon, Debra. love your books.

  3. Leanne says:

    Sending healing prayers to Deb too. She's such an amazing person. I connected with her instantly. From those conversations, I suspect she will do whatever it takes to write her books! Tough underneath the sweet.

  4. Helen Brenna says:

    I can't agree with you more, Cindy. The romance community is full of wonderfully supportive people.My best to Deb. Hope she recovers quickly!

  5. Keri Ford says:

    HUGS! and speedy recovery!I have never met a more compassionate group of people than those in the romance community.

  6. Deb is one of my chaptermates and we were all so sorry to hear about her accident. I spent some time with her roomie Peggy Webb offering some info and options I hoped might help.RWA members are indeed an amazing group. I don't know how I'd have survived the last 18 months of divorce hell without my RWA friends. Marilyn

  7. Writing a novel is challenging work, but trow a monkey wrench like illness, accident, anything that rips you out of the story, and it takes monster tenacity. Take care and get better, Deb. Your sister writers send virtual energy. I don't know if that works, but we try try try, because we all walk in the same writer-size shoes.

  8. Terry Odell says:

    Sending my best to Deb – I met her live for the first time at RT, and she's an amazing person. Speedy recovery! TerryTerry's PlaceRomance with a Twist–of Mystery

  9. Anna D says:

    Deb, I'm sending positive energy your way. Feel better soon.Anna

  10. lois greiman says:

    Get well, Deb, and best of luck with your latest.

  11. I was so sorry to hear about your injury, Deb. Sending you healing thoughts from sunny SoCal and can't wait to read the new book!

  12. Deb, Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  13. Debra Dixon says:

    Deb– We were so so sorry that your accident happened. And like Cindy, I'm thrilled to see how our community bands together whenever needed.Speedy recovery!

  14. Jane says:

    Wishing Debra a speedy recovery.

  15. Moni says:

    Deb,Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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