A Perfect Day

I was in need of a day like yesterday. After a killer ending of the school year, and a deadline for a book that refused to end, Wednesday was really my first day to do what *I* wanted. And for once, the weather cooperated.

What was my big indulgence? I’m sooo high-maintenance–I spent the day weeding my perennial gardens The temps were low seventies, with a nice breeze. My flowers are in bloom and it was…paradise. There is something so therapeutic about weeding. (And no, I don’t hire out. I don’t need that much therapy!)

Maybe it’s being out in nature (without being too hot, because I’m a wimp.) Or maybe it’s just that mindless activity acts as a de-stresser. But it was heaven. Digging and pulling and actually seeing a bit of progress in ‘the jungle’–my back bed (top pics). I actually have found a couple spots I could fit a couple more things, I think.

When the kids were home my biggest desire was grass It was in short supply with bikes and bats and balls lying all around. Not to mention the constant traffic through it. The basketball court was in front, the football field on the north side and the baseball diamond in the backyard. Grass came to my house to die.
After years of trial and error we’ve finally got some well-established beds. And there’s a special joy in spending time outside in the little paradise we’ve created.

What’s your idea of a perfect day? Does it involve activity or just curling up with a good book?

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23 Responses to A Perfect Day

  1. Looks goregous! I wish my flower beds looked that good. its over 100 here in SC and my flowers are getting cooked before they can bloom. The only thing thriving is a booganvillia!

  2. Leanne says:

    Beautiful Kylie. I have a few "kinds" of perfect days. One is a day at the beach. Love that!:)

  3. KylieBrant says:

    Amy, yikes! That's hot! You do get to grow some great species in SC that we can't in Iowa, though. My perennials are always a struggle because we have soooo much shade.

  4. KylieBrant says:

    Leanne, yes! The beach. Sigh. We were in Jamaica in March but that seems a long time ago. There's something about vegging on a beach chair facing the ocean that just strips the stress away.

  5. Liza says:

    Your yard is beautiful Kylie. No weeding or yard work for me. I've too allergic to grass to work in the yard. Luckily I live in an apartment so someone else cares for our lawn maintenance.My idea of a perfect day is reading all day while on the beach under an umbrella. Watching the ocean just seems to melt the stress away from me.

  6. KylieBrant says:

    Liza, if you add cabana boys bringing constant umbrella drinks, I could go with that beach idea of perfection!

  7. Beautiful, Kylie!A wonderful day for me would be a day of guiltless reading. It could be raining, sunny, doesn't matter. So busy right now that anything I do that doesn't involve the current book or cleaning feels like A Bad Thing.

  8. KylieBrant says:

    Guilt does tend to ruin the perfection of the day, doesn't it, Christie?

  9. lois greiman says:

    Beautiful Kylie. Glad you got a day off.After my daughter got out of college for the year, I picked her up and we spend a night at a bed and breakfast, then spent the following day antique etc. shopping in the tiniest town in the world. No stress, no hurry, no distractions. It was fabulous.

  10. Helen Brenna says:

    Gardening sounds good to me, Kylie! I've always wanted perennial gardens and just don't seem to take the time to get it done. Next year, right? lol

  11. KylieBrant says:

    Lois, that sounds heavenly. I can occasionally get my husband to do that, too. Very occasionally!Helen, I'm not exactly a green thumb gardener, myself. Have only in the last three years discovered the power of mulching, LOL. Lots of trial and error here. But it peaceful, although the yearly expense of all the pots I've been adding is starting to make me gulp!

  12. Michele Hauf says:

    Pretty flowers! I do have some plants, and like to putz around with them a bit, but none have flowers (except my peonies) because I'm not a green thumb by any means.Perfect day is just getting something accomplished and feeling good about it!

  13. KylieBrant says:

    Michele, I'm a list maker 🙂 There is something sooo satisfying in being able to cross things off as you accomplish them!

  14. I get it, Kylie. Weeding, watering with the hose, deadheading. Pure mindless pleasure.A few weeks ago when the lilacs were blooming I made a point to go outside after dark and just be. I love lilac season. That scent is even headier at night, and I enjoy hearing the frogs, imagining them sitting out there in the dark doing froggie stuff. The perfect night was clear, calm, warm, and awash with the light of a full moon.

  15. Terry Odell says:

    My daughter is flying in from Ireland tonight. She's here for a photography class and will be staying with her brother (who's giving it), but we'll have time to squeeze in a "mall day."If I'm alone, it's definitely reading. And since the hubster is going to a conference for 5 days, I'm looking forward to that.

  16. KylieBrant says:

    Kathleen, there's something about the scent of lilacs! Our house is 100 years plus old and on one side of the back yard we have a hedge of lilacs. More on the opposite side and behind the garage. My daughter always talks about getting homesick whenever the lilacs bloom.

  17. KylieBrant says:

    Terry, I do enjoy my time when the hubby is out of the house, lol. Not because he's a bother to have around but because it gives me uninterrupted 'me' time, and that's rare!

  18. krisgils33 says:

    Great looking yard. My lawn guy was supposed to weed on Monday and I just got home from a trip and it's not done. Hmmm, going to have to ask hubby about that one!My perfect day depends on my mood. Shopping and mani/pedi's with my daughter (or really any activity with her!), but on a rainy day…nothing is better than curling up with a good book!

  19. KylieBrant says:

    Kris, it rained here all day today and I soo wanted to curl up with a good book! But no, I wrote like a good little writer, LOL!

  20. Betina Krahn says:

    Kylie, I envy you your lovely green and the 70 degree temps. Down here it hit 97 degrees yesterday!!! We're sweltering and getting ready to do a rain dance– anything that will help bring on some wet.And as for me– a float in the pool and then curling up with a good book are tops on my list. Oh, followed by a gorgeous salad I didn't have to cook!

  21. Debra Dixon says:

    Kylie–That is such a lovely outdoor space!I'm not a gardener, so my perfect day is a day spent in my quilt studio when I'm not "stealing" time away from deadlines.It's been a long time since I could honestly enjoy a day for me so I know exactly how wonderful your day had to have been!

  22. Cindy Gerard says:

    Gorgeous gardens, Kylie. My DH is the gardener around here but I've been know to pull the occasional weed. Not my fav thing, however. give me a good book, a glass of sun tea and my hammock and I'm in hog heaven!!

  23. KylieBrant says:

    Betina, a float in the pool always sounds awesome!Deb, I have a sister who quilts and its her idea of heaven, so I hope you get a day for you soon!Cindy, I have to admit that my hands were pretty sore today from all that weeding! The hammock would have come in handy today.

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