Kathleen Recommends "Temple Grandin"

Has anyone else seen the HBO biopic “Temple Grandin”?

Clyde and I watched it last night, and we were both blown away. Claire Danes and Julia Ormond are terrific, and the story is amazing. We tuned in because have an abiding interest in cattle–we ranched years ago–and the On Demand synopsis drew us in.

This amazing woman was named one of Time magazine’s picks for 100 most influential people (at least half the names make you go “Huh?”) for shedding light on autism AND for her work in devising humane methods and equipment for handling livestock. You really have to see this. Autism is a gift for Temple. She thinks in pictures, and she’s able to see the world in ways that most human minds don’t, but we’re able to get an idea of how her mind works through the visuals in the movie. Masterfully done. The real Temple has at least two web sites, one about her work with livestock and one about autism. She’s written several books, and I’m going shopping for them. I have a proposal waiting to be written in my series about a wild horse sanctuary, and it involves horses and special needs children.
Here’s the real Temple Grandin. She graduated from high school in 1966. It was a very good year.

Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!


About Kathleen Eagle

Kathleen Eagle is the award-winning, New York Times best-selling author of over forty novels.
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5 Responses to Kathleen Recommends "Temple Grandin"

  1. Cindy Gerard says:

    sounds fascinating, KathyI dropped HBO when they quit showing new series. Now that summer is here, I'll probably pick it up again.hopefully this will replayhappy Mother's Day everyone!!

  2. april says:

    I saw this in the theater as a sneak preview opportunity. It was excellent. I found everything so fascinating and when she hugs her mother, I misted up. Julia Ormond was excellent and loved how she dealt with the doctor.

  3. GunDiva says:

    I tried to order it for my mom for Mother's Day, but it's not out until August. Since she doesn't have HBO, it'll be brand new for her – and she's followed Temple Grandin's career for years.

  4. I loved this! Temple is so inspiring, in fact, I told my kids all about her because they were learning about autism in class. They thought her idea for a hug machine was great. Everybody needs to watch this.

  5. Clyde was telling me last night that he kept thinking about the movie. He Google Temple. I did, too, but that's unusual for him. And it wasn't only the livestock aspect, he said, but the insight into autism. Movies rarely impress him this much. So see it with your guy! And again with Mom.

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