Yikes. Just realized I’m up to post today. And I’ve got nottin’. It’s been several weeks of chaos, kidney stones and flu, remodeling and knee surgery around the Gerard house so I’m hoping you’ll forgive me. All is well now, but jeez, what a ride.

So, I give you this – how about a recap of Dancing with the Stars??? Did I hear a groan? I, for one, have been groaning a LOT this season. I love this show but seriously, most of the contestants this year have 2 left feet!

Poor Kate + 8 minus John. Not only 2 left feet but she seems to be wearing cement shoes. How much distress can one woman take? Why would she subject herself to yet more public scrutiny that cannot possibly end well for her? One thing I will say – she is trying – but the girl’s got no rhythm.

My favorite couple is Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger. Man, that girl can dance. And Derek is such a cutie pie

But the most fun couples to watch are Max and Erin and Cheryl and Chad Ochocinco. I think that man is really smitten with her!

So what about you? Are you still watching the show? have you ever watched it? Do you have a favorite couple? Anyone you’d like to see gone ASAP?
And would you ever have the guts to get up there and face those judges on national TV?


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24 Responses to Yikes

  1. Michele Hauf says:

    ohmygosh! My FAVORITE show. I've been yelling at the screen every night it's on. :-)Kate MUST go. And yet, I do feel sorry for her. She's not an entertainer, and has no grasp on the basics of performing before an audience. And heck, I give her points for at least getting out there and trying this, even knowing she sucks. She represents all of us (yes, admit it, she does) who do not dance and we all know we would do no better than she is. But still…off with her head!I'm partial to Erin Anderson, but that's because she's dancing with Maks, and we don't want him to leave too early. Please, she's goofy and has great chemistry with Maks. Go, Maks!I also love Louis Van Amstel, so I'm cheering for his girl Neicy too.Derek I Love Myself Hough is an excellent choreographer and he'll take Nicole to the top three.Aiden The Soap Opera Guy is adorable, but he's leaving after Kate!Jake is just trying too hard, and I want him to leave because I hate it when they zoom in on his girlfriend sitting in the audience. :-)Ochocinco. I hope he sticks around a bit because he's a fine looking man, and I do love to watch his attempts at romancing Cheryl. Very sweet.Evan and Ana will also hit the top three. He is very impressive, though his tallness and his big feet may trip him up.I recently bought the DWTS exercise DVD. All I can say is, my hips were not meant to rumba. And for that, I again applaud Kate.

  2. KylieBrant says:

    I'm not sure what we were watching for a time last night. I thought it was Dancing with the Stars but maybe it was another Dancing show. My dh insisted on watching it because he heard Pamela Anderson had been berated by the judges for showing too much nipple, LOL. She had to wear pasties beneath her clothes, which supposedly she wasn't happy with.If there were nipples to be seen, he was all about watching!In the end though, even he said–she's not a very good dancer, is she????

  3. Terry Odell says:

    I've watched the final 2 minutes several times waiting for Castle to start. That's about it. But I don't watch any of the shows where people subject themselves to being judged by people who seem to be in it for the entertainment/shock value rather than being constructive.

  4. Cindy Gerard says:

    Michele – I agree about Kate. She really is trying but i don't get why she agreed to do it. Money? Couldn't be because she wanted more exposure because Lord knows, she gets plenty of that – and not always in a good way.

  5. Cindy Gerard says:

    Kylie – I forgot about Pamela Anderson – thought Lords knows why. She just can't turn the sex kitten act off. It's ingrained so deep it's a natural part of her. But actually, she surprised me. I think she's pretty good and she's clearly working very hard.

  6. Cindy Gerard says:

    Terry – I hear you. (I'm a Castle fan too, btw, even though the crime writers love to berate the show). The funny thing about DWTS is that the contestants really seem to get into it and really care about it. They work very hard so they've got a lot invested.

  7. Deb says:

    I'm still watching DWTS, but it's not exciting this season. The three best seasons, in order, were when Shawn Johnson won (Yeah, an Iowa girl!), when Kristi Yamaguchi won, and last year when Donny Osmond won. I don't really care if I miss it or not this season. If I remember, then I'll watch. But, I agree, the stars and the pros really work hard.

  8. Cindy Gerard says:

    I echo the – YEAH, Iowa Girl. Shawn was a little dynamo!!There are a few couple worth watching this year but it's almost painful listening to the judges blast those who are struggling. You'd think they could be a little gentler…

  9. Keri Ford says:

    haven't gotten into this season. having kate on there really turned me off and I refused to watch it. That woman's got some serious problems. we also have other shows that conflict with that time slot. (biggest loser, which I dont' care for but the Dh watches. 2 1/2 men.)

  10. lois greiman says:

    I love the dancin', but I don't get to see it much. Too many evening conflicts. But I get a weekly report from my husband about Pamela and various body parts. :-/

  11. Cindy Gerard says:

    Keri – I hear you. I so love my DVR so I can record one program while I watch another. Sometimes I record 2 at a time and then watch something I've already recorded. I know. it's becoming a sickness :o(

  12. Cindy Gerard says:

    Lois – Pamela's body parts bear some reporting :o)

  13. Debra Dixon says:

    Usually I watch!! But this year I've been so busy I can't even tape it. Just do not have the time.::cue the violin:: I'm working until late in the night every day.So, I'm just biting the bullet and not even taping things.But I love love love DWTS as a program.

  14. Cindy Gerard says:

    Hope things slow down to manageable for you soon Deb!!

  15. Karen Rose says:

    Hey Cindy -Kate so has to go.Love Niecy! And Erin is great. Evan is adorable. Chad tries hard. Jake, meh. Aidan, meh. Poor Nicole, she let Len get in her head. Pamela, well, there aren't words. Hopefully Bruno won't pop a blood vessel watching her, LOL.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I enjoy the chemistry between Erin & Max and also Cheryl & Chad. I like Chelsea Hightower (she was a top 4 finalist on So You Think You Can Dance), but don't care for Jake – poor Chelsea! Think Neicy is so funny! Thought Kate actually showed uh…maybe two steps in sync with music, which is an improvement. It will be interesting to see how the vote goes tonight. Please, not Max & Erin!Steff

  17. Cindy Gerard says:

    Karen – LOL. Poor Bruno does have a problem with Pam, doesn't he?and I love Niecy too! Love that she is proud of her 'jiggly parts' and so passionate about the dancing. I've adored her since I first saw her on Reno 911. Funny lady – but this shows her sensitive side too.

  18. Cindy Gerard says:

    Steff – I'm with you. Love watching Max and Erin as well as Cheryl and Chad.

  19. Debra Webb says:

    So many folks I know love the show. I've never watched it. I'm going to have to check it out!

  20. Cindy Gerard says:

    It's fun, Deb. you'll enjoy it.

  21. Harding says:

    I love Niecy! I first ran into her on the home stuff clean out show. She is just so out there in her own little final frontier, with her big matching silk hair poof, strutting her stuff and sliding along smooth! What a character!You finally got me to set up for this google stuff!

  22. Cindy Gerard says:

    Cool Missy Harding. and I agree. Niecy is a hoot! She's got some cool moves too. Love to see the big girl in action.

  23. Betina Krahn says:

    I haven't gotten into this season at all, but i've enjoyed all the comments here and across the internet. Heaven knows why Kate does this to herself. Is she that desperate for attention? Can it really be the money?And Pam Anderson. . . needs to get a life, too. Preferably somewhere out of the public eye. sigh.I just wish somebody would put a brick (or a ton of them) on Bruno's head to keep him from jumping out of his seat and making a scene every time they post scores.

  24. Cindy Gerard says:

    You're so right, Betina. Pam attracts way too much attention :o)And drat. Just watched the results show and Kate lived to dance another day. I really don't get it.

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