New-To-Me Guy in Town

I have nothing to blog about today, but you can never go wrong with sexy guys, right?

Move aside Gerard, I’m fascinated by a new-to-me actor, but I think this means me having to officially embrace being a cradle-robber. He’s almost young enough to be my son. Not sure I want to share him with you, though, ladies. Maybe I’ll keep him all to myself.

All right, fine. It is Monday. You guys probably deserve it. First, let’s see if you can guess who he is. Don’t want to make this too easy.

Some of you may have known about this guy for ages, but I can be a bit slow on the uptake. So let me start with the first movie in which I saw this actor. Terminator Salvation. As far as I’m concerned, he stole the show from Christian Bale (yes, Michele, he totally did), and I happen to LOVE Christian Bale. Got my attention big time.

Next, it was a small independent Australian flick, called Somersault. Didn’t know he was in it. Wasn’t sure what it was about. But it had won a bunch of Aussie awards, and it’s been on my Netflix queue for a while. I love this type of quiet, indy film, and … let’s just say the lovely hairy chest was a bonus.

The deal was cinched when I went to Avatar on Valentine’s Day. I had purposefully not read any reviews, didn’t pay much attention to what the movie was about, and didn’t listen to anyone ready to tell me about the story because I wanted a fresh experience. This guy was amazing. Sweet. Sexy. Strong. In either his human or Na’vi form.

Then there’s always that Aussie accent …

I think I’ve found the face of my next hero.

Sam Worthington.

He has the most expressive eyes and lips, and he has quiet and brooding down to an art. Why is it that the less a man says, the more attractive he is?

He’s set to play Perseus in the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans. Can’t wait. Okay, so maybe I’m not quite ready to ask Gerard to step aside, but I’m getting close.

Do you have a new favorite hero? New favorite actor? When you stumble upon a new actress or actor, do you go out and gobble up his/her backlist of movies?

A few more pics of Sam to start your week off on the right foot.



About Helen Brenna

Helen Brenna is the RITA award winning author of romances for Harlequin's Superromance line. Three more books in her popular Mirabelle Island series will be release in July, August and September of 2011. For more information, check out her website at
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21 Responses to New-To-Me Guy in Town

  1. Michele Hauf says:

    I agree, Helen! He so stole Terminator from Bale. I came home from that movie and looked him up online immediately. He has a quiet strength.And in Avatar he had such a sweet little-boy smile. Sigh…I have no desire to see any movie about the gods fighting, but I will go see it just for Sam Worthington.

  2. KylieBrant says:

    Since I'm not a Gerard fan *at all* I will willingly make room for any of these guys–except for the one from NCIS LA. Doesn't do a thing for me and neither does the show. But the original NCIS would be hard to beat, as would the very hunky DeNozo!

  3. Helen Brenna says:

    I wasn't sure if you'd agree with me, Michele, on the Terminator, but you hit the nail on the head. Quiet strength.I love mythology, but there are so many versions of nearly every story. Hope they do a good job with Perseus. At least they've cast it well!

  4. Helen Brenna says:

    Kylie! Not a Gerard fan? It doesn't compute. lol

  5. Kathleen O says:

    Mmmmmm he is so yummy!!! He was great in Avaitar and wondeful when I saw in on The View… But he still is no Hugh Jackman..

  6. Helen Brenna says:

    Okay. No one throw rotten tomatoes at me, but I'm not that much of a Hugh Jackman fan. Love him in xmen, but that's about it.

  7. Michele Hauf says:

    Forgot to mention my latest hero crush, and his pic is on my desktop right now, Jeffrey Donovan, who plays Michael Weston in Burn Notice. There is something about him… Is it the scar below his eye? His calm control of the situation? Those sexy narrowed eyes?

  8. Helen Brenna says:

    Ooooh. I love scars. He reminds me a little of James Franco.

  9. lois greiman says:

    He did a good job in Avatar, but…. I'm with Kathleen O. Go figure huh

  10. Debra Dixon says:

    You think I need more good looking men to mess with my concentration?You think this was a nice thing to do to someone on a Monday morning during Royalty Hell week ??And to think I thought of you as a frie… oh look! Shiny.

  11. Helen Brenna says:

    Glad I could mess with your concentration, Deb!

  12. MJFredrick says:

    Sam stole my heart from Gerard, too. He's adorable, and also on my desktop 🙂

  13. Helen Brenna says:

    On your desktop … giving me ideas MJ! I like it.

  14. jacabur1 says:

    Helen my hero still stands tall after years and years and that is Clint Eastwood. From his Spaghetti Westerns watched when growing up with my father, to his DIrty Harry roles and the many and varied roles in latter years that Clint played in he still "does it" for me as the one character actor and leading man that has lasted!I do agree on Sam Worthington though being very good in the New-To-Me-Guy role of hero for today, he is not only so sweet in interviews but that "accent" is a spine-chiller turn on!jackie b central texas

  15. Helen Brenna says:

    Way cool, Jackie. He's had/has an amazing career. I'm so glad he'd found his niche in directing and certain acting roles. Loved him in Gran Torino. There's only ONE Clint!

  16. Betina Krahn says:

    Helen I'm with you 100% on Sam Worthington! i didn't know that was his name but he totally rocked me in Terminator Salvation. And that moment when he looked down and saw that wasn't human. . . I nearly died FOR him! The pathos in his eyes. Wow. Just wow.And in Avatar. . . I adored him in both of his incarnations. the big blue him was just as cute!I sort of think of him as a nicer, sweeter Russell Crowe. I hope he doesn't go that way of that testy Aussie! Is it just me or do Aussie men all go a little bonkers as they age? Mel Gibson anyone?

  17. Anonymous says:

    My new heart throb is Mark Valley from Human Target. I still love George Eads from CSI-Las Vegas. Yummy!!!Denise

  18. MJFredrick says:

    I completely forgot Mel Gibson was Australian!Denise, if you love Mark in Human Target, you have to watch his earlier Fox series, Keen Eddie. He was adorable.

  19. Cindy Gerard says:

    Yikes. Chiming in late but I love Mark!. He was also on Boston Legal and loved him there to. He's actually former Spec Ops military.

  20. Helen Brenna says:

    Yes, Betina, that scene where Sam's Terminator character found out he wasn't human cinched a place in my heart for him and he does seem like a mild mannered Russell Crowe. From the interviews I've seen, Sam doesn't appear to be the kind of guy to go bonkers. He's too nice. Whereas the writing was on the wall as far as I'm concerned with Mel Gibson. He was ticking time bomb.

  21. Helen Brenna says:

    Had to go google Mark Valley. I loved that actor in Boston Legal, but never knew his name! Fun.Cindy, he looks like he could've been Spec Ops for real.

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